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New QBasic site
#1 has just launched their new QBasic and VBDOS site. It's still under construction, but it's well worth a look.
When the site is completed it will feature tutorials, tips & tricks, downloads and a GUI section.
The author has set up a guestbook where you can post your comments to the site, and help him make it a nice QBasic place.
Seems nice start!

Ps! If you'r gonna review wizgui the review wizgui 2 okay?
Looks like a good start! I'll add a link on Pete's QB Site when I get the chance.

BUT: Your menu system doesn't work properly on Mozilla FireFox. When you load up the homepage, everything works as it should... but once you click one of the links in the menu, the new page is loaded WITHOUT the menu. Only the homepage shows the menu; all the sub-pages don't work.

In Internet Explorer, the page works fine.

Just thought I'd let you know.
Pete's QB Site:
It looks like it's going to be a good site! Smile I hope it gets done soon!

p.s. alert boxes can be pretty annoying, maybe you should take the alert box off the homepage...
Thank you for your positive comments!

To VonGodric: I'll keep an eye on your site!
To Pete: Thank you for letting me know about that bug. I'll work on it.
And to Jeremy: I guess you're right. I've removed the alert box.
I noticed the Firefox problem as well. Too bad things aren't always compatible across browsers.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
You need to make it FF compatible otherwise I wont visit it =P. Also, I hope you plan on updating the site frequently otherwise it will just become a dead site like tons of QB sites out there.

Anyway nice start Wink.
I've set up a temporary solution for the Firefox problem. Visitors can now press a link at the front page to go to a page which users frames instead of the javascript menu.
I've also installed Firefox on my computer and will test with it to assure compitability with Firefox.
Just wanted to tell you that's qbasic page has moved to
I dislike frames >_<

Isn't it easier making one page compatible with firefox so tha tit works everywhere?
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