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I found a broken topic (gets an error message)
Don't forget that they're hiding from everyone, not just you. But admin can still see everyone...

I'm going to go private at because I'm getting up there in terms of experience (and in the memberlist), so whenever I log in I get hit by PMs asking me how to install this, can I do that...
I know I know. I know from experience that I can see hidden persons at QBNZ, and I still find it *bleh* when I can't see anyone here.

About phpBB... you're getting famous Big Grin Experience how it feels to be famous! Wink And as many other celebrities, they get avoidant Wink
I said:
'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord]

My post say:
'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord]

With &#codes
Quote:'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord]
With &#codes
'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord]
With brackets
[syntax="qbasic"]'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord] [/syntax]
With &#codes
[syntax="qbasic"]'By J. Pihl [Z!re | XiberLord] [/syntax]

I've edited this now like 100 times... just look at the link in the first post by Sterling... My code (or rather my comments) are shown wrong... with &#91 and &#93 instead of [ and ]...

Heh, Why would you want to search for XiberLord?, my old Nick... like.. years old =)
That is a problem to do with the old way of syntax highlighting, and [code]qbasic... I'm not going to fix it because not much code was posted that way, and I can't find the bug anyway, and it's never gonna happen again Wink

neo: Maybe, just maybe Smile. Especially when I finally release the MOD. I just released the second BETA just now, and it incorporates caching so when I install it here tomorrow you guys may notice a bit of a speed up in viewing threads that were previously slow because of syntax-highlighted blocks Smile

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