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At Long Last: QB Express Issue #4!
Quote:Pure awesomeness, as usual. Big Grin
Agreed. Very great!
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Quote:Use FireFox? ;-)

Sorry I just couldn't resist hehehe.

there are more sites that don't render right in Firefox than sites that don't render right in IE, so I'll stick to IE.
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Na_th_an: What screen resolution are you running?

In the past two issues, I have replaced some <pre> tags with hand formatting (putting in a whole lot of &nbsp;'s and <br> tags). I do this only on the longer lines of code, and it enables them to wrap while still having the appearance of preformatted text. On all the shorter code lines though, just to save time and space, I just use <pre>.

Anyway, I echo the reccomendations of everybody else to use FireFox. Internet Explorer does not follow many of the web design standards set by the W3C, which is a pain in the ass. I personally use FireFox as my main browser but I have an extension which allows me to right click and select "View This Page in IE" from the menu, if it's not showing up properly. That way, I only have to use IE if I know for a fact that a page won't display properly. That's the way to go.

And there's also the new version of Netscape, which is based on FireFox, but also has built-in IE rendering ability too -- the best of both worlds. (Slashdot featured it this morning.)
Pete's QB Site:
I use 1024x768

I'm not switching. I've found that there are more sites that render badly in Firefox. I don't care about standards. I care about how much stuff renders fine and how much doesn't.

Anyhow, it's not a big issue. The ezine is readable and stuff, it only gets the divs out of space as soons as there is a code box.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Which version of IE are you using? It looks fine in IE to me...
The latest (6.0.2900.2180.XPSP.SP2)
Nothing important as I said, this thing. and this other.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Shows up just fine for me too... weird..

Though i do get a horizontal scrollbar, which is kinnda weird.. but meh, nothing i can complain about Big Grin
Hrmm...I do see those errors now that you pointed them out. Never even noticed before.
Rels lens thingy mess up for me too..

But no other error, and I cold have sworn it showed up fine before.. hmm... I've read it like 3 times never noticed.. weird...

EDIT: The pic of Two Lords, the big first one, its outside the layout, so to speak...

(Same as nathans: , although, I don't see that theres anymore text, I just see:
"2. The Light's position on the screen (Lx,
Ohh well.. )

EDIT: For a rushed, delayed, problem filled release I'd say it's pretty damn good =)
Once again, a great issue. But I did dislike the lack of a game review. I think one per issue should be something regular.

I think you should start whipping your reviewers.

I really liked the interviews. Especially that interview with Nathan which pointed me out to that naked QBers thread in Basicnetwork forum. Didn't know about that.

I GOT TO SEE Rhia's FLOWER!!! Mwahaha! Tongue

Anyway, keep it up.

And sorry for not being able to contribute.

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