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At Long Last: QB Express Issue #4!
I, the feedback whore, will send you Jill the Goddess. Isn't it too old for the Gallery Article?

Gimme green light and I'll send you tons of stuff this Sunday.
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Pete: Would it be possible that I write an FX tutorial using FB?
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Genso's Junkyard:
Pete: I will try and do "something". Maybe another interview or maybe "something else" Smile
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Na_th_an: The Gallery is for upcoming games... games that haven't come out yet. So Jill The Goddess wouldn't qualify. But if someone wants to write a review of your game, then I can feature it that way.

Relsoft: Yes, that would be cool -- since most of the QB community has gone bonkers about FreeBasic anyway... and the code will be QB-compatible anyway.

Piptol: Sounds great! I know many people really liked the interviews this month, so more interviews or "something else" would be great.

In other news, I just got word from Terry Cavanagh that he will be writing a tutorial for the upcoming issue. So you can expect to see that too.
Pete's QB Site:
MystikShadows Wrote:Use FireFox? ;-)

Sorry I just couldn't resist hehehe.

there are more sites that don't render right in Firefox than sites that don't render right in IE, so I'll stick to IE.

I have never had a problem with firefox...
exept it can't detect a plugin on this one page...
f a fly walked, would it be called a walk?
Why dosn't someone make a word that rymes with purple or orange?
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Quote:However, I need to recruit MORE reviewers. So if you're at all interested in writing for QB Express, contact me! PM or email: pberg1 [at]

Well, I would like to write reviews. I like that kind of stuff. But since currently I don't own a PC, that's impossible. And before that I owned a 386, without a sound card and without a harddisk. So I was not able to play most of QB games.

I don't blame you about the lack of reviews. I'm just pointing out that there are people who are interested in them.
I just found out about another article.

19day will be writing a tutorial (series?) on PHP programming. I know it's not QB-related, but a lot of people in the Qmunity are interested in learning PHP. Also, I asked him to write it from a QB programmer's perspective.

Oh yeah, and I still need reviewers... I haven't heard from anybody yet, except for Oz who will be writing a review for this upcoming issue.
Pete's QB Site:
Pete, what tutorials would you like for your next issue?
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Well, there's a list of what I expect to be getting above... but if you want to write something, by all means do it.

It's probably best if you come up with your own idea for a topic... but if you're looking for some inspiration, I made a list of ideas for new tutorials a few months ago. It's here:
Pete's QB Site:
Hey everybody...

The next issue of QB Express is a little over a week away!

I need people to start sending in their articles that they said they'd write this month. I'm also still looking for a program to feature in the Gallery, so if you've got a relatively new upcoming game that you think would make nice screenshots, send it on in to me!

Also, the latest compo ("Text Map Game") ends soon. I have STILL only received one entry for this even though I extended the contest for another month. Get those entries in ASAP!

Then there is another article that's been submitted: an article about Mobile Basic by Matthew R. Knight.

Anyway, even though a lot of people said they'd write stuff, I haven't actually received anything much at all. Just thought I'd provide a gentle reminder. (Send everything to pberg1 at
Pete's QB Site:

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