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FBIde 0.3.1 -> 0.3.3
Hello again, time for new release

uploaded to new location -thank you marinedalek

"Homepage" :
win32 installer version:
win32installer + fbc0.12:

0.3.1 - 0.3.3 ( 0.3.2 was never released to public )
Fixed / Changed
* Sometimes window scrollbars get screwed when pasting
* Now a lot better error-reporting
* Some syntax indenting problems
* added new keywords to syntaxfile
* some other bugfixes

New features
* Margin folding
* syntax converting to BB or html code
* QuickRun (without save -uses temp file)


Hi again, quick releaseof (0.3.1):
* exiting problem.
* Compiler options no longer opens about dialog.
* single click after another in the sub/function dialog will go to desired place without closing the window.

Get it here:


Hi again,

after a while I'm again done with another release of FBIde, some things are still not ready, But I thought that I'd release what I have so far, since this edition has just too many important updatesBig Grin
anyway here's the changelog:

0.2 - 0.3
Fixed / Changed
* When passing filenames to the FBC, the filenames are now quoted -avoid many errors.
* After program close, IDE will stay in focus
* On Windows NT based systems cmd.exe is used instead of
* single line IF's are no longer indented
* Promt changed to Prompt Smile
* Little menu reconstruction
* When selecting theme's then default appfolder\IDE is now opened
* Better installer -tnx to Badjas!
* Everytime smth is changed in teh option menu, changes are automatically saved, instead of saving them at exit.

New features
* Search / replace / goto line now 100% finished
* Ability to get program exit code's (especially good for debugging)
* Matching brace highlighting
* IDE shows line and column number in the statusbar
* About dialog.



After long time I'm ready with another release. It's not mutch better then previous, so Don't expect mutch, just some bugfixes, and few new features.
You can dl it here:
0.1 - 0.2
Fixed / Changed
* Some indentation problems.
* Some other bugs as well.
* All Ide files moved to Ide\ to keep things cleaner.

New features
* Compile/run/compile and run buttons on toolbar
* costomizible compiler paramater list
* parameter passing to your program
* stolen (only temprarily) icons from Dev-Cpp
* installer (crappy one)


Quick note: uploaded 0.1a -if no paths is set then is assumed the files are in the same dir as fbide.exe

Hello, now finally new version is ready, it still needs a loads of work, but I think it's getting better -or os it just me and my ego?

anyway here's the link:
NOTE: please read readme's becouse they exmplain how to set up editor. Also if you extract it to c:\fbide and your fbc path is in c:\freebasic then all settings are in place :wink:

Also I put the source code with it. All kind of constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. You may use however the source as you see fit. Though credit is in order where credit is due. - 0.1
Fixed / changed
* indentation problems
* removed pulldown sub/function menu
* removed (for now) syntax checking
* config files cchanged
* Editor "remembers" previous settings
* view menu problem is fixed
* many other bugs
* syntax keyword list is no longer built in into editor, but is loaded from a file.

New features
* toolbar buttons
* helping text in the statusbar
* advanced autoindent that indents languagestructures
* Sub/function browser
* possibility to set compile command prototype

New version from: -
Fixed / Changed
* New line selecting after in indented liens (sometimes jumped to other positions)
* File saving. Sometimes saved a new file under previously loaded file name.
* Changed cmd promt command from "cmd" to "" so it's now possible to use it on win95/98

New features:
* Full theme (syntax colour selection) support.
* added into run menu: compile, compile & run, and run. (FBC.exe path must be set -see "fbide.ini" for more info.
* Shows (if there was one) compilation error and automatically goes to error line.
* it's now possible to load bas file by either accotiating .bas/.bi to fbide or just dragging them over the ide.


New Version:

Fixed / Changed:
*Tab back indenting -coused text deleting
*Added Cancel option when promting to save or not.
*Didplays automatically .bas and .bi extensions in load/save dialogs
*Fixed cursor color (for now...)
*Changed end of line markers color to white.
*Restrucured menus

New features:
*Text Highlighting ON/OFF
*Basic syntax check (counts parenthesis and their directions,basic string literal completetion and etc...)
*Added Run CMD into menus.
*Added indentation guides.
*Added Sub/Procedure selector (needs refreshing though)
*executable is smaller.

Hello to you all,

Few days ago I started experimenting with c++ and wanted to put my nonexistent(but hopefully growing) skills on test and try to make an IDE for FreeBasic. Well now here is the first release of it. It's NOT ready and it needs a lot of stuff before it can claim to be an IDE, but all kind of constructive criticism is welcome and ideas too of course.

well here's the dl link:

Hope you'll like it...[/b]
Well, since the other thread's in brainfart gridlock, I'll throw in a few thoughts here:

Try and focus less on "the QB ide". I mean, in dos, the blue background was the seal of quality, pretty much every Microsoft product had a blue black if it operated in text mode, but windowed in front of a desktop it just kind looks wierd. Same goes for the terminal font. Courier is well the standard for code editing nowadays, there's no shame in conforming. That's all aesthetics, and ideally you'd have font/bgcolor settings in the final version. But remember that most people who don't know QB, and a lot of people who do know QB are going to find that wierd. If you have a fetish for blue and white, then options can be there to make it look like QB's.

I like the highlighting of the present line. It could help you manage multiple-line statements and pick up on line run-on errors (or I guess in FB it'd be line cut-off errors?). Props. There's some errors with it. It pretty much just highlights the bottom line... but if it simply highlighted the present line in some way that doesn't make it stand out too much, that'd be a unique, helpful feature.

Stupid stuff, the the frames on the edge oughta be razor-thin or clearly indicate a fucntion. I imagine you could easily change that in the future, no biggie.

In its present state, I can't critique much. The stuff I do critique is all, well, aesthetic or "I want this feature", etc. If you have code attached to it, I can critique the code, and that will be more useful in making sure you can go the stretches you need to without holing yourself up in a corner at some point, though there's not much I can say in response to "I got it under control".
It's a good start.

Looks wise i'd like to see a menu where I can select the color that thing would be highlighted in, as well as the ability to control the backround color.

Functionality wise I saw only two "must have" additions at this current stage.
1) The QB "whitespace remover" that automaticly removed extreous spaces that weren't inside a quote.
2) The save, save as, and open dialogs should be set to *.bas instead of any file

There was also one "nice to have feature": the abiltiy to open a new instance of the browser from the file menu.

Other then that, this is an excellent start to the FB IDE!
his sig left intentionally blank
Very nice!

Hmm. I wish there was a proper syntax highlighting textbox for Visual Basic. Cry

Does anyone happen to know such thing for VB?
Use the RichTextBox Control if you want to have something textbox-like.
Quote:Use the RichTextBox Control if you want to have something textbox-like.

Crap, this is the only board where I forgot to mention I did not want to use the RTB. :o

This was officially discontinued by its creators, but when they found out that so many people loved it, they figured they could restart the project and start charging for it. This link is for the last freeware version. I've used this in both IDEs I've developed.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

This was officially discontinued by its creators, but when they found out that so many people loved it, they figured they could restart the project and start charging for it. This link is for the last freeware version. I've used this in both IDEs I've developed.

That's a pretty nice thing. It contains a hell of a more than I would probably use though, but it's the nicest thing I've seen this far for VB.

Nek, we aren't using that on our IDE. No chance. Write it from scratch, we shall.

To tell you the truth, I really don't see the point in using any more than the standard controls apart from getting a nice save dialog. And imageindexing.
avinash.vora -
imageindexing? What for, icons?

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