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QBTK MEGA-RPG COMPO #1: Manuscript
QBTK is hosting the first ever (and hopefully not the last) QBTK MEGA RPG COMPO.

This is a series of compos, each lasting from 1 to 3 weeks. The goal is that each compo will produce a component of an RPG. The final competition will be to put the winners of all the mini compos together, and produce a complete RPG!

Now, we all know that an RPG has many more aspects then just the code, so some compos will be things like writing a plot, designing graphics, etc.

The first compo is going to be writing a manuscript for the game, a general outline for the entire competition. Obviously not coding, but we can all have some fun!


All of us at QBTK want this to happen, and maybe it'll become an annual thing.

The picture in my signiture will always link to the sub-compo currently active in the QBTK MEGA-RPG COMPO. Right now it's linking to the Manuscript Compo, so PLEASE PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE IN MY SIGNITURE!!
OK, lemme break it down for you.


A series of small compos, each resulting in a single component of an RPG.

Then, a final compo to put all the components together.

The first compo is, unfortuneately, a non-programming compo. We need an outline, a set of guidelines for a game. Haven't you ever had a brilliant idea for an RPG that's never been made???

Please, this is the compo for you.

Some of you, like JTB for example, are really creative when it comes to this thing. It's like having an entire team of programmers COMPETING TO MAKE YOUR RPG!!

There hasn't been a qb-compo yet that resulted in a FINISHED RPG that's going to be this freaking HUGE. And everybody gets to join in.

There is going to be alot more then just ONE winner.

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