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Inspiration demo released
Wallace Software have released an early demo of their new first person view game. You can find out more information and the download at
Quote:Path not found in line 0 of module INSPIRE at address 0E28:2205

Hit any key to return to system

Fixed paths are bad.. baaad... BAAAD!

Correct path in order to run it:

*murmel fixed paths murmel suck murmel murmel*
Fixed paths ruin games.

I don't want (nor I can) install it in C:\blah.

Please learn to use relative paths:
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The screenshots look awesome, but this guy has how can i put it... no imagination?

Contact 2 has numerous things ripped from Halo and Doom.
Even the door you see in the screenshots is identical to the ones used in Halo, down to the method it opens :roll:

This was not even an ALPHA release. I have spent a lot of time coding it, I haven't had time to make textures, so it was convienent to use DOOM textures. Contact 2's textures will mainly be digital photographs (including weapons). Some of them including some enemies will be taken directly from other games because I like them. I forget who said it, but they said it right "We're coders, not artists" I think it was the ATTE guy.

The later releases will use relative paths.
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It should have used relative paths from the very beginning. That's just plain common coding sense.
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