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Final Round Of GGA'04 Nominations
Sorry for the delay folks! I've just opened the second and final round of nominations for the 2004 QB Gaming Gold Awards. The second round lasts only one week, and is aimed at specific genres, game elements, and characters. Same rules apply as before. The voting period will start on January 10th. Again, sorry for the delay.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
I was hoping to see the awards being done after coming from the holidays. This leaves me a bit disappointed. Shame on you, lazy SOD! Tongue

Never mind.
The old nominations form is still there!

Change it man!

Maybe nobody cares, but I do.

Then again, is it worth doing this compo just for me? I don't think so.

People c'mon. I know FB is all pretty and shiny and you are this close from forgetting what QB means but can we at least give the QB games scene a proper farewell with this, probably last, QB Game Awards?

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