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QB Express #6 Now Available
Yes, deadlines are an absolute must for this kind of thing. Otherwise, nothing gets done. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
I'll give something a whirl...

I'll email you with it if and when it's done.
avinash.vora -
Is it cool if it's VB? I saw some PHP articles in the mag...
avinash.vora -
Pete - email me, I just finished an article.
avinash.vora -
Allrighty, email sent!

....Anyone else?

I'll post a list of the articles I have, and ones that I expect to get pretty soon. (Maybe this evening?)
Pete's QB Site:
I have almost finished with pretty big tut on pointers for the next issue.
Here's a little list of the stuff that might be in the next issue that I've gotten / know about so far:
    -"Playing WAVE Files Through The Windows API" - aetherfox
    -Text RPG Tutorial - Nixon
    -Music Composition Tutorial - Matt2Jones
    -FreeBasic Pointers Tutorial - VonGodric
    -Animation Tutorial - Rattrapmax6 (Kevin)
    "SDL Basics with FreeBASIC - Tutorial 1" - BastetFurry
    "SDL, FreeBASIC, transparency, keyboard and other suspects - Tutorial 2 " - BastetFurry
    -"FreeBasic Is The Future" Letter / Article - SJ Zero
    -Comic - Rattrapmax6
    -Letter to the Editor - Lachie Dazdarian
    -Letter to the Editor - Nixon
    -Letter to the Editor - Matt2Jones
    -Letter to the Editor - Krisu

    -I.F. Games Chapter 2 - na_th_an
    -Game Review - MajikMan
    -FB GUI Tutorial Part 2 (?) - Nekrophidius
    -FreeBasic Game Review - Zap

    -QBNow! Vol. 2 Part 1 - Neo
    -Scripting Series Part 2 - Chaoticmass
    -Joe's Pointless Points 3 - Joe King
    -"Screen 13 Manipulation" Tutorial - Nemesis
    -Character Creation Tutorial - Levi
    -Blast From The Past! - Pete
    -Game review - Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    -Game review - Oz
    -Game review - Nixon
    -Something - Collin Donnell
    -Something - Fizzter
    -Something - Lachie Dazdarian
    -PHP Series Part 3 - 19day (Delayed until Next month)

The stuff that "I Might Get" is either unconfirmed, or they are holdouts from past issues. Don't count on any of them, but you never know, people might come through.

Speaking of which, does anybody know what happened to Neo? He told me the complete version of QBNow! Volume 2 was finished back in November, but then I never heard from him again. He had enough tutorials ready for four more issues, he said. Same thing with Matt2Jones and the Bobby the QB Maniac comics.

Anyway... Just thought I'd give you a little preview of what's up for the next ish.
Pete's QB Site:
Havent seen Neo in a while, might be school things taking up his time.
:lol: , hehe, I was joking on the deadline,..

I was wondering myself, got my new comic done and it will be on its way soon,. so you can knock me off the (Unlikly) list, hehe.. :wink:

Some cool eye-candy in it too, hehe,.. you'll see.. Big Grin , or just say a really big boom this go around,. :bounce:
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

[Image: 11895-r.png]
Don't worry Pete, you'll get my article. I've got plenty of free time coming up due to my recent injuries.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

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