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QB Express #6 Now Available
The January issue of QB Express is now up!

This month, we've got a very informative article on making IF (interactive fiction) by Na_th_an for all you text adventure fans, the second tutorial in abionnnn's series on Path Finding techniques, a little piece on "Rogue Map Storage Techniques" by Nathan1993, and the second tutorial in Stéphane Richard's wonderful series on file manipulation -- this time covering Random Access Files. We've also got our first ever FreeBasic tutorial, courtest of Nekrophidius: GUI Programming in FreeBasic. Finally, 19day is back with the second iteration of his non-BASIC but totally awesome series on PHP programming. If you're looking to learn new programming techniques, look no further than this issue of QB Express!

But that's not all. Rattrapmax6 / Kevin of x.t.r. GRAPHICS contributed big this month, giving us two brand new QB/FB comics starring a horse, as well as providing us with the gallery game of the month: Space Warp. Oz is back with a nice review of the Missing In Space by Crono of ForgedQB. And then we've got a new contributor by the name of Mike Wechsler who wrote an article entitled "Simply Put, Basically: My Interactions with QBasic, a True Story". And then there's the great big news section this issue. Even though there's been about two-and-a-half weeks since the last issue, the QB/FB community has been buzzin' and there's plenty of new stuff going on.

But I don't want to keep you waiting. There's lots of good stuff to read this have at it!
Pete's QB Site:
Nice job Pete, and all others ofcourse.

I'll probably submit something for the next issue, when's it due? Feb 15th?

Anyways, QBE is a good read =)
Yepp. Once again Pete....a great issue with alot of intersting stuff to read.

And the fact that you "keep what you promise", so to speak, is a great achivment these days when one gets the feeling that most of us (including me) speaks/hypes alot but often don't comes through at the end... Websites goes down or never gets updated, contest's gets abbandoned, games never releases etc... So, making a issue every month like you do is a great achivment. Congratulations Pete!
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Good as always! Really you'r the man!
Awesome. Now the code box look so sexy Wink
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians

about 1 third of the issue is obscured by a giant grey box.

using firefox.
Yeah, I noticed that too. That's a bug in FireFox. It's a side effect of making the code boxes so that they don't screw up the layout.

It comes and it goes with FireFox (usually when you scroll down really fast it pops up.) Usually if you refresh the page or try highlighting something it disappears.
Pete's QB Site:
Major problems with firefox here as well. IE displays it fine though. I tried highlighting it and moving the window around and all kinds of other things but nothing works to get rid of it. Bummer. Sad Great read though. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
YEAH, a review of a game I created is in this mag!!!

I'm so happy!!
"download firefox! It renders the sites correctly, unlike IE", they say. :roll:

(below this post: at least five proving me wrong).
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians

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