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Sorry. I did click on that URL earlier, but didn't comprehend. I thought it was a reference to some post I made on The QBasic Forum.

But now I see it was on the QBXL forum. Wow, you sure hold a grudge!. That post was sometime in December 1903, I guess, since I see a reply:
You sir, are an idiot. - Fling-Master, 12/01/03 - 09:57:48

Well, I only saw one post from SJ Zero about that time:
QB Accelerator Magazine Issue 2 released today! SJ Zero on Nov 25
1 mag.. sal on Nov 25
1.1 Extremely. It's part of the editorial style. SJ Zero on Nov 25
1.1.1 *k.... watever floats ya boat sal on Nov 25 Actually, I think I just realized what you meant. SJ Zero on Nov 25 ???? sal on Nov 25

I don't know who "sal" was, but it probably brought my attention to the post. Well, all I can remember is that I went to the QBXL site at it appeared to announce right away that if you can't stand bad language, go away, which I did. I don't see any more posts that year, so I can't imagine what prompted me to make the request.

However, since that date, SJ Zero has made at least four posts:
Frost Finished -- Play and vote! SJ Zero on Jan 6
Frost Remembers - QBXL.NET 24 hour FreeBASIC compo SJ Zero on Dec 31
QBXL.NET opens SJ Zero on Apr 24
Spammity spam spam, qbxl issue 3 is out! SJ Zero on Jan 26

I made no further complaints. I assumed either the site was cleaned up or else he was going to ignore my request. That is fine. A lot of people ignore my requests.

Anyway, fine: I see that you, Z!re, are irrevocably committed to hating me forever and attacking my character wherever you can. I can live with that, however much I don't comprehend.

Live long and prosper!

Mac, just a reminder of what happened the last time you visited this forum:
You need to click the above link Wink

Don't mind zire, he is crazy :roll: - i suppose we all are :rotfl:
Funny, there was a topic against posting only smiley posts, you got nothing plese, please refrain from posting.

That means: Don't post unless you got something more than " :normal: " to say. Please.
Well, being used to The QBasic Forum, I just entered a title line and tried to leave the text blank, but it insisted on something.

I now see the custom here is to ignore the subject line and put all information in the text.

Will comply.

My title above was "

*Sigh* OK, I replied to that thread"

It is in response to
Mac, just a reminder of what happened the last time you visited this forum:
You need to click the above link

I presumed it was a request to go there and close the thread with some response, which I dutifully did.

But I think I'm having a communication problem here. Sorry for the confusion.


According to Mac, giving feedback is: [to] "gush over every post that is an obvious cry for recognition and praise"

"I just know that failure to gush over someone's boast results in being classified as elitist."

I don't even have a comment to all this.
I have to agree with Fling-master, "You sir, are an idiot. " And I'm aware of the grammar error thank you.
Quote:I suggest you dont.

The network54 forum is elitist, and most people there only seem to visit so they can flame new people.

There is a discussion going on over there about it. But I doubt it'll make any difference.

C'mon QBASIC.COM has some "elitist"(Mostly people who think they're better than the rest cuz they could code a snake game) but I wouldn't put Mac in their mold. He has done a lot to that forum and putting the link in QBN is not a bad idea.

I don't know what's your beef with each other but the forum is a nice place, save for people who thinks shadowwolf is spamming(which he isn't.)

Mac: I think the main newbie friendly forum should be on the link, no the new one.
y smiley is 24 bit.
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Genso's Junkyard:
I post both here and on the forum. A lot of the philosopy is the same, particulary regarding the "HELP ME WITH MY HOMEWORK!!!!!" type topics. The only difference that I can see is that Qbnews has a slightly more relaxed attitude, apart from the occasional flame-fest. In fact, I don't see half as many flames on as on here. Mac has always seemed fair in his comments, and has only banned one person so far, AFAIK.
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I don't like Mac very much, but then again, I don't like a lot of people very much. Not like it matters anyways, his life's not gonna break down and he's not gonna be kept up at night just because I think he's a stiff. :lol: But I stopped taking seriously years ago and to this day, that's never changed.

By the way Mac, the world, and society, have changed since your youth. People have been long since allowed their freedom from the bonds of superficial social politicking which y'all back then called "manners" and "politeness". Telling random people to fuck off is pretty much the norm these days, especially on forums where there isn't a whole lot anyone can do in return except throw the same words around.
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> Mac: I think the main newbie friendly forum should be on the link, not the new one.

relsoft: Tough call. They link to each other, so there is no big problem either way.

I like to enter the forum via what you call "The new one", namely the index of subforums. It gives a quick look to see if anyone has posted any new FAQs, Programs they are proud of, etc.

My feeling is that a true newbie, if he has found, will be satisfied with results in the newbie forum found there. So really it is a link for more senior programmers to look into when nothing else is happening here.

Other true newbies who randomly enter "" will, of course, wind up at The QBasic Forum, which is the only reason we all haven't abandoned that forum long ago. So we don't need a link to that forum anywhere else.


> Telling random people to @£$£ off is pretty much the norm these days

adosorken, LOL! I am even unliked by people I never heard of. Got to buy a better brand of deodorant!

Well, it may be norm, but I am not. Sorry! But I will say that as much as I am disgusted by the antics of some youth, I pray they keep their minds free of the fanatic religious-right semi-Nazi brainwashing produced by the hate radio stations broadcasting in the USA and thereby save the world.

------- Well, I think this thread should die now. ----------

I am going to unsubscribe. Feel free to beat the dead horse if you want, but I suggest helping newbies instead.



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