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Hey, I'm making a fighting game called Cobra which is in my opinion, the best fighting game for QB. I want it to compete with QB BAttle arena which I might lose against but anyway, I want to know if anyone has any ideas for it. Character designs, moves, stages, anything. My game features side scrolling and probably the first to have high rising vertical jumping, (like most of capcom and marvel's vs series) I have five characters done so far, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

EDIT: *cries*

EDIT: Hey! It's been two years since I made this post. Awesome.
Quote:I want it to compete with QB Battle arena which I might lose against...

Wow! Very optimistic about your game, I see. :-?

It wouldn't be the first time that some QB project is cancelled, and if -by some unexpected thing- Vance's brawler is cancelled/delayed... you can be the only winner! (Vance probably will finish his game before you, but hey!, think positive! [Image: rofl.gif] )

So you want suggestions? Just watch your favorite fighting game and try to implement as many features you can!

Anyways. Where can I download the demo? :wink:
I am in the process of implementing flat EMS memory handling into QBDBZ. I have functions that work in a similar fashion to C's malloc and free which allows me to allocate a block of memory in flat EMS and return a pointer to it. All of the player data tables have now been pushed into upper memory, which leaves me with absolutely (fingers crossed) no memory hassles and allows characters to have hundreds of moves and very complex move animation.

Team fight is a cool option, players select more than one character (mine allows up to 5) and when a character is killed, the next jumps in to take their place. Unbalanced teams (ie 5 on 3) can help novice players or make for harder difficulty levels. You could also do a tag-team mode.

Special moves are probably the make and break for fighting games, players like characters to have lots of em, and for different characters to have different moves. A fighting game quickly gets boring if every character has the same slide kick, fire ball and uppercut. Supers, combos, power struggles and finishing moves all enhance a fighting games fun factor and replay value.

Mortal Kombat 4 had weapons which was an interesting idea. Bonus rounds (like street fighters car smashing stage) are always fun. Secret stuff (levels, characters, gimmicks) can make a game more interesting and add a bit of replay value. A good story doesnt hurt either.

Good luck with the game
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Quote:I have functions that work in a similar fashion to C's malloc and free which allows me to allocate a block of memory in flat EMS and return a pointer to it.

Oh! Just note that this's QB and not C. So cross your fingers... and your toes too. Big Grin
I want to make a vertex-only (skeleton-model) fighting game sometime... I think QB is just a little too slow, though... even for that...
----Erased message be cause he cringes in pain every time he reads it because it made abselutely no sense to post it in the first place...---
The absolute best fighting game I've played in QB is SFB2: Vector Warriors by Kevin Reems. It is 3D wire frame with particle effects and animated levels (and fast, too). Pretty cool stuff. If anyone knows a download site for it (I've seen one or two) could they post it? If not, I can zip and upload the copy on my HD.
Kevin Reems's page is at
It does'nt work at all in Opera and tries to download something in IE, a thing I will not allow in my computer. If anyone is willing to take the risk...
Very fancy layout with a lot of Javascript stuff going on.. and some other things, but I'm not too familiar with it all. Smile He does have a download for Vector Warriors there, and some screenshots though they're messed up GIFs. The page loads at an IP address, so I'm not sure if this link will work or whatever, but here's the download:
Yep it works.
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