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FreeBasic Documentation Guide
FreeBasic Documenation Guide (MS Word)
FreeBasic Documenation Guide (PDF)

This is what you should use when writing your documentation.  I tried to make it as thorough as possible.  If there is something you wish to change (or you wish to abandon the format altogether), you should discuss it in this thread.  Remember, there are other formats we can use, I'm just trying to make it as organized and as consistant as possible.
i can't download them, PLEASE fix the links
I can't find them anywhere. It appears doesn't have them anymore either? (I searched their site using Google and their own Downloads search.)
974277320612072617420666C61696C21 (Hexadecimal for those who don't know)
This topic and forum are dead. The official documentation is at . Sign up and edit away.

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