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Hello and welcome
Wildcard was kind enough to give us a hidden forum to discuss matters concerning FreeBasic's documentation. This forum should be about any concerns, disputes, conflicts, bragging, or just plain talk about writing the documentation.

You will notice some changes in the CVS layout. I'm trying to organize the project better. Now, all documents separated into "To Be Written", "Incomplete" and "Complete". All previous documents except for the table of contents have been put in the incomplete folder. There is a file called status.txt which contains every proposed document (it's quite a doozy), which you should always edit whenever you claim or complete a file.

I've also strickened up the documentation format, which is now described in the documentation guide, posted in a sticky and on the CVS. This guide is not set in stone, but it's what you should use as reference. I tried to format it nicely so you can print it out for whatever reason.

I should announce that my main goal in doing all this is to get the project jumpstarted, and gracefully bow out. I will do my part to get the documentation moving, but I don't intend to see it through. Right now my future plans are to create a template for every unwritten document page in status.txt and update the documents I have already created. In the future I'll design some XSL pages, and maybe some XML docs at my own leisure, but I'm not really qualified to document many aspects of the compiler.

That's my final note: Don't claim a document unless you know a little something about it. There are some documentors here who know the compiler left and right, and others who only know enough from QB to program (such as myself). That's not like a warning or nothing, but just make sure you know what you're talking about or be willing to research it when you create a document.

So with all that having been said, document away Smile
Great for setting up this group.

Im getting all the cvs files for the second time for freebasicdoc and it doesn't want to download incomplete/using.xml, its been stuck on it for ages. It did this the time aswell, it just pauses at using.xml.
Using.xml copies just fine for me, from both the web repository and TortoiseCVS.

See if you can't get it from the web repository. If you're having trouble, I can download it for you and email it to you.

BTW, that one needed a redo when I made it the first time Smile I don't really know me all the command-line options, and I think it was made during version .09b.

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