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The Quest For Opa Opa!
Los Monos del Obús (na_th_an and aetherFox) have released The Quest For Opa Opa!, a text adventure in freebasic featuring a great soundtrack. For more information and to download visit
avinash.vora -
hey i liked it alot that was the first IF game ive played. Liked the music and sound FX. very fun so far
Cool Smile

Compiled fine under Linux with the yet to be released 0.12 :wink:
ngelo Mottola - EC++
Wow, that's awesome. I've never played an IF game with music before - it really adds to what little atmosphere my imagination can provide.

All I managed to do is pick up a peice of paper, explore a bit, and get killed by a thief - but it was still fun. I'll try again.
Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

As for the gameplay...we've been worried its way to hard. I am thinking of releasing a sort of hintguide for the game if not enough people can get through it.

I'll give you a clue though...examine EVERYTHING that has significance in the game room description. And read the docs, they are really important in this game.
avinash.vora -
yeah i couldnt even move till i read the reame thing
Great ;)

I use Opa Opa to test new versions of FB, to see if i didn't break anything, since nathan sent me the sources months ago :)

It used to take 0,45 ms to compile opaopa.bas with fbc 0.9, now it takes 0,18 with the version 0.12.. when its bellow 0,1 i will be happy :P
Quit optimizing for speed and add more features. Wink

Fantastic game, guys! Just reading the docs is fun. Smile
Vic, lillo managed to compile it for linux by changing some of the relative paths and doing some magic with fmod to get it to run. Ask him how he did it, you can then use it for future versions of fb under linux.

Thanks guys Big Grin

How's the difficulty level? I will probably write a walkthrough or a hintbook or tell me.
avinash.vora -
The code is a bit horrid, but we were so rushed Big Grin Don't look at it very deeply. Wait until the IF series at QB Express are finished Wink

More to come, BTW.


Edit: We want this game reviewed. Nek? Anybody else?
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