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Hey Antoni... I finally got the kw_bload.xml to appear with a CVS update. I edited the file for you, so here's a few things I changed:
  • Tab deliniation, for consistency. If you want to use something else we'll put it to vote.. I've just always like tabs.
  • Watch out for personal pronouns. I know lillo wrote it, but still. Use passive voice if you have to.
  • More basic grammer: Don't end a sentence with a preposition.
  • Even more basic grammer Smile: Remember how and where to use semicolons.
  • Use <code> for article tags. But really, most code should be in examples.
  • Properly comment examples. You want people to know what you're doing.
  • The ID in the header is the same name as the file. In this case, kw_bload is the id.
  • If there are no revisions, leave that tag out.
  • Notice the example. Line breaks are okay.
  • "Sub-syntax" tags are only allowed in <syntax>, makes parsing easier
  • Use <var> for parameters, unless it's like a group of keywords.
    For instance, <vg> could be used like this:
        <vg>Data Type</vg>
Anyways, there you go. I didn't even think about how to document parameters. I used a chart, like QB's help does. Look at kw_bload on how that's done, I'll add it to the guide.
Okay, updated the guide, and added a templates folder for you to use, so you don't have to cut/paste from the guide.

Sorry for the delay, my TFT monitor "hanged" during two days, it could not be set off nor displayed anything. Suddenly it worked again.

I was not able to use "CVS update" to get you corrected "kw_bload", so I had to use my browser. Is this normal?

I think we need another tag for program text output , i suggest <output>
Okay... I guess that's handy. I'll add it to the guide when I get some time this weekend. In the meantime use <output> inside the example tag.

I don't know about CVS. It's hosted by, but it's a wee slow to update. If everyone sticks to their own files it shouldn't be a problem, unless you want somebody to review it.

Although, I have to say, that is the first time I've heard of the web repository getting updated quicker than the client.
Yeah, the web repository is updated frequently, but it's updated from the actual cvs db... it's impossible for the web interface to update first.

Maybe your PC's time setting is wrong?
I don't see how. You're on Central Time, and I'm on Eastern Time. I'm going to guess that Barcelona is 4 hours ahead of us. Even if that did mess the repository up, he should get things before *us*

Unless you're getting them 21 hours behind us, Antoni. I'm completely baffled.
I meant that CVS might think that the files on the CVS were older than the ones on his HDD if the date had been changed incorrectly in between updates or something... I dunno. Big Grin

Hope it all works out for you. Maybe we should look into Perforce or something. Smile
Hrm... "by necessity" - appropriate.

Well, it's free for open source projects, and I guess the documentation is pretty open source. I'm still wondering exactly what it *is* though.

But by their definition of "open source", that means we gotta allow derived works, so some jackass could write a bunch of racist, sexist uninformed crap with poor grammer all over it and our names would still be on it. That's open source literature for ya.

I'm applying for an open source license as we speak though... no point in not trying a free product if we have a reason to use it.

Hrm... I guess one of us is going to have to host it on a dedicated server. Unless someone has one, or a computer and a broadband connection they want to donate, I'm really uneasy about asking Wildcard for even more resources. Perforce is a no-go.

You, if one of us was smart, we'd make a cvs-like client that just connects to a mysql or web interface. Then you could make it work on any host with a db.
Well, I was really just kidding, because CVS works fine most of the time; I just thought I'd throw an alternative out there in case anyone had a spare server. Smile

Hrm... I'll get back to writing docs soon...

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