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QB Express Issue #8 Now Available
:???: Point of veiws and opinions are ones own,. e.i. I find BBY (or what ever M2J's comic's called) right desturbing,. but I choose to skip it.. heh, you all might think my comic sucks, but you can skip it.. :wink:

:o Articals? *gulp*, I wrote one...... the thought "substandard" is now is enbedded in my head (prob a few others), weather or not mine was on your list.. really dude, try being more consederit of the ppl who try to help out Pete and his mag, not call them substandard in their attempts... and like he said, who's to judge?? :???: Opinion are ones own,.
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

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I find it kinda charming that not all articles are super-pro, it makes it feel more community like.
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Fuck Yeah, this is a Hobbiest community, we're doing this for the laugh.

I don't actually write that disjointedly, I have to try really hard to, but I do it because in the past all the best, most enjoyable, articles sounded like they were written by a schitzoid on speed, like other guys mag, whatshisface, that got banned from the computer because of schoolwork a week or two ago, he's a fucking genius, cause his shit is so perfectly casual, with the right mix of deranged psycoticness...

Thanks for the BBY feedback by the way...

I mean, any idiot can write a tutorial, you just have to have read another one on the subject, the real worth of a magazine is in the commentaries it gives, and during this FreeBasic reveloution its probably the most important time in the History of QB to be making commentaries and observations (tips hat to Z!re, he acheived what BBY could not), and so its again more important to take articles from across the board to get a full view of how this event is effecting the populus, and that seeps through most effectivly in First Time writers, non obsessive-compulsive-disorderly focussed tutorial writers, and a generally causal writing tone.

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Quote:Thanks for the BBY feedback by the way...

Heh, your welcome, tho my feeback comes from the minority, everyone else seems to enjoy it... :wink:
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

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I agree with both sides of this discussion. On one hand, having an open magazine is the way to one gets silenced no matter what. On the other hand, leaving things open, especially in a zine which is now pretty much the status quo in the Qmunity, leaves way to people who write hasty articles just to be seen. Really, you take the good with the bad. And yes...QB:TM, not just at the end but throughout its ENTIRE run, was a total elitist zine. It was sickening and I can't think of many other things that pissed me off more at the time. I certainly don't want to see QBE become a QB:TM, but at the same time, becoming a zine full of trash isn't what I want to see either. So people...put some effort into your articles! Don't get published just "to be published"...that's cheap and it brings down the quality of the zine. If this happens too much, you lose readers and then people lose the readership edge they cheated so hard to obtain...and Pete loses the reader base he actually worked so hard to obtain. You wouldn't wanna piss off Pete, would you, Qmunity?
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Pete, I sensed some resentment...I hope you didn't take what I said personally. You know I'll read the magazine cover to cover...err top to bottom, despite whatever I happen to like/dislike.

Like I said, it's my opinion, there are always going to be people who don't agree with me.

As for people wondering whether they are on my "list"...I don't play favorites, and I unless I have a serious lack of respect for you, I definately won't be degrading you publicly unless you've justified deserving it.
avinash.vora -
Nah, no resentment here. Smile

I understand your point, and I agree that some of the articles that I publish really suck.

But I just can't bring myself to throw out articles that people have gone through the trouble to write and send in, and still call this a "community" magazine. It's not like the writers are paid professionals who are hired to turn in a high-quality articles -- they're volunteers that just want to share their ideas and knowledge with others, usually for the benefit of the community. And I don't see any good in blocking people from doing that.

So it kind of annoys me when people complain about the quality of the magazine when it's their choice to read it -- and also when they have a hand in making it.

Besides, if you (or anyone else) really think you can do a better job, by all means -- do it! I'd be ecstatic if there were another (active) QB/FB magazine running right now. I didn't start QB Express because I enjoy making it (putting this magazine together is a bitch) -- I started it because I wanted to benefit the Qmunity.

However, while I will not block articles from getting printed, I am not opposed to EDITING their articles to make them more easy to read and understand. Not everyone is a great writer, so helping them better articulate their ideas would benefit the magazine immensely.

At the moment, I do very few edits, since I simply don't have enough time to go through each article and fix spelling errors / grammar, revise sentences, clarify things, etc. I only fix problems when I see them as I put the magazine together, but I don't go through the mag searching for problems to fix.

So if someone wants to edit articles, let me know. I'm all for having a higher-quality magazine, as long as it doesn't violate the integrity of my "open community magazine" policy.
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Pete: Frantic Journey is made by both AAP and Rel. :*)
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To Pete:

I agree with what Rel just said on his most recent reply here that took place just before mine. The game Frantic Journey — even though it is getting started so far in production for FreeBASIC — is *still* an original creation of Relsoft, myself, and Eero (Eebro) Pitkänen, to be truly exact, my man. Let us not forget that now! Big Grin

Thank you so much most deeply, and do what you know you gotta do for QB Express, Pete! Wink=b !


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Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”
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Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !
There is also I minor error on what system I coded the terrain engine. I used a cyrix pr 233. Not fast but a lot faster than a 486. :*)
y smiley is 24 bit.
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