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Sonic X-treme update
Exaclty. Overreacting for the very first moment. We just were pointing out a single aspect which we didn't like about your game, and you went nuts. We never dissed your work, we praised it and also showed our respect. But then you came attacking everything in sight. I am still waiting for you to offer evidence of my supposed rip offs. Obviously, you can't offer such evidence 'cause it doesn't exist. That has pictured you sooooo bad. Making false accusations is the most lame thing I can think of.

You can be a great programmer, but you are acting like an ass. It would be wise to change your attitude. It will bring you lots of benefits.
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I have this feeling that I'm like the black man who accidently turns up at a KKK meeting. I'm not from these parts...

As this will , most likely, be the last post I will ever post here, I want to say that I personally respect every single poster to this thread. This definately includes Na_th_an. Na_th_an, I am sorry that I hurt you. If I had of been aware of some of your more complex work, then I most definitely would not have been as harsh to you as I was.

But I do not pay the same respect to Aetherfox. While he is clearly a highly inteligent individual, he has no understanding of his place in society. When he grows up, and goes to university, he will discover that there are people smarter and more intelligent then he. They will teach him about stuff, and give him advice. But they will not be very happy if he tries to give them advice.

This is because, as an unexperienced individual, he will not have the authority to give them advice.

I feel, that as a person who has not yet completed a complex qb project, he does not have the authority to judge my project. The very fact that he has tried to judge things without the authority to do so, makes him pompous.

I have never liked pompous people. So, he does not have my respect. As he doesn't have my respect, I don't care what he says about my game.

Bye Bye QBasic news people. I think you guys are pretty awesome overall. Especially Nekrophidious, who is a QB legend in every respect.
Quote:Bye Bye QBasic news people.
Bye bye :*) We'll miss ya! :lol:

Quote:Especially Nekrophidious, who is a QB legend in every respect.
Sure Nek is old but you need not rub it in Wink

Admins please lock this thread :barf:
Dude, no reason to leave because you're not getting along with a Jack!... F***it! stay, make more games, discuss about your game(s) with the other 99 Jacks. One day he/she's an idiot, and maybe in a bad mood or something... The next day he/she's doing volunteer work at the downtown shelter and is in a wonderful, delightful mood, mopping the floors thinking about his/hers latest greatest algorithm for their next great flop :lol: Or... masterpiece!
Whatever... would be stupid to leave cause of this little fiasco.

But anyways, since the discussion delt with clones vs. originals, I'd like to make this first announcement about what I'm doing...

A clone! Yes, and it's looking good so far... (A Great point-click-drag-n-drop, icon based clone of the popular strategy board game, Stratego! And it will be called STRATEGQ, and will be completed soon! (3 months at the most!!!)


I know someone who is cloning warioware with GM, it is great, i tried the demo, i know someone else who is doing the IMPOSSIBLE and cloning Animal Crossing with GM! I tried the demo of that, it aint half bad, he has not got the whole night to day thing going yet though.
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Quote:The very fact that he [aetherFox] has tried to judge things without the authority to do so, makes him pompous.
Oh, may I have one of your "Authority to judge" passes so I can give some feedback on your "game"?

Wtf is going on here.. what is this, like.. omg-im-so-1337!!!11 month?

And I thought I was a good flamer/flamewar starter.. I have much to learn I see Big Grin

Kids... *sigh*
This was a stupid argument from the beginning. Have you guys ever heard the phrase "There's no such thing as an original idea"? Well, there isn't. Anything you ever make in QB / FB will not be original. Every game I've ever seen in QB / FB is some kind of remake or adaptation of a game genre. You can say The Quest for Opa Opa is "original" -- but there's very little new about it. It's using a format for the text adventure genre that's been around for thirty years, and its story is just a reworking of many other stories that have already been told. SonicX is also a reworking of old ideas. And even if you come up with a new form of gameplay that's never been used before, you are STILL going to be doing things that have already been done in you game -- such as a game menu, using the keyboard for input, having something move on screen in response to user input, use the same key words and phrases as many games of the past... The idea of an original game is a myth.

It's a pity that JB's leaving over this petty argument. I just wish people would admit it to themselves that they're just recycling ideas that have become cultural mainstays, and that they're constantly influenced by everything they see, hear and play. Just because one game is a spot-on reworking, and one takes its influences from many sources doesn't make one lick of difference in the grand scheme of things.
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JB, please don't leave. Make it a 'break' instead.

I'm not really following too much on this argument, but I've been playing SonicX (yours) since I was 11, and I'd be a lot happier if it didn't take a silly 2-page argument on 'originality' to make the creator leave. Heck, he's a legend from what I see.

But yeah, after reading over it again, it does look like you took the criticism too badly at first, but then, since you did just that, it was blown way out of proportion, and you got the famous, 'you're a narrow-minded asshole who only wants to hear what he wants to hear' spiel, which even I could probably say, is extremely annoying, and from that point on, everything went to heck. I believe that games should be original, but like Nek said, if it's fun, I'll play it.

But yeah, man. Don't go. Take a break if you need one, but don't let this get in your way. With anything.
I was informed about this topic, and even though I've said that I won't post in this thread again, I just can't not.

What makes a person an intellectual is one who can hold is ground in a group of people who are all smarter than that person.

In school right now, I could probably be the smartest person taking Physics. I am absolutely comfortable admitting that modestly enough. But maybe, when I go to university, I'm the dumbest person in my class. But I will never put myself down because of that, and I will never stop contributing because of that.

"But they will not be very happy if he tries to give them advice."
This line was probably the sign that you really have no idea about anything. The smartest person in the world can take advice from the dumbest person in the world. You're a much better programmer than me, you are more widely known than me, and you have reached out to more people than me. Does it make you so mighty that you get pissed off when someone as "lowly" as me gives you some advice? Is that not pompous and arrogant?

As for the stuff about authority...I'm not even going to touch that. I've seen some stupid attacks against me in the past, but this one takes the cake.

What you said there actually makes me pity your ignorance and overall lack of understanding for the way a normal society works.

What this forum doesn't know is that you came crawling to me after I pretty much ripped the ground out from under you. You almost begged me to edit out all the harsh things I said against you. Obviously, I declined.

The "nice" nature you portrayed in your emails was obviously bullshyt, since you seem really cheesed that I said some things that upset you.

Now jb, let me tell you somethings you will learn about life. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree with what you do. Not everyone is going to give you the treatment you think you might deserve. You will be trod on. You will be spat on.

Suck it up like a man, and carry forward. Don't pussyfoot around it because you've run out of things to say.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry. It takes a lot to get me angry, and those are usually followed with my month long disappearances. I deal with people worse than you on a daily basis. In fact, I get my fair share of crap on this forum alone, but I don't run off. I give my share of crap to other people as well, but they don't run off. It's surprising what this shows about your mental maturity.

This is actually pretty amusing for me.

And I know you are reading this.

And I know that administrators are considering this thread for locking, but I request you not to. I need to see where this goes.
avinash.vora -
Aetherfox said.
Quote:What this forum doesn't know is that you came crawling to me after I pretty much ripped the ground out from under you. You almost begged me to edit out all the harsh things I said against you. Obviously, I declined.

I thought that their would be no post that could annoy me enough to bring me back. But along came this one. Aetherfox, I am unimpressed with what you just wrote. While I did try to sort out your extreme overreaction of a post, I wouldn't describe this as crawling towards you. But I am glad you raised this, as it allows me to show the qbasicnews forum your true character.

In your reply to the email I sent, you said that you were going to take your post down. I thought, yeah, aetherfox is a decent guy, who I can deal with in a nice and rational way. But, you didn't take your post down. When I saw that you were not guenuine, it greatly affected my opinion of you.

Even when you decided not to take it down, I just accepted it and said nothing to the board. But given what you have just said, I think it is time for everyone to see this.

The following is a transript of an email in which Aetherfox offered to delete his post:


You are new to this forum, and so you do not know me well enough to realise that in 10 out of 10 times, I will be as harsh as I was in that kind of situation to anyone. I can't say I am sorry, but I
admire the fact that you gladly accepted it, and made a full apology.

Na_th_an is an awesome guy, yet a lot of people take his good nature for naeivity and stupidity, and so this kind of thing happens to him alot. He won't take it personally, don't worry about that.

Because of the way you approached this, and because of the fact that you personally contacted me, this will be the first and last time I will edit something out of a post. I'll leave a placeholder, but
nothing from the previous content.

For the record, I still stand on my previous grounds that you could
have taken this so far with some originality in it, but it's your game
so heh.

Feel free to contact me on MSN, this email address is the same one I use on MSN.


I want to thank again, pretty much every qbasicnews poster except Aetherfox for your support. I think it's in everyone's interest if I do leave the qbasicnews forum. But this shouldn't be a great loss, as I have never really been a prolific poster. When SonicX is finished, I will post a message on

Thanks guys,

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