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Sonic X-treme update
this game uses ems memorySad

Could it be ported to FB?
Quote:You must have a 386 if you can't run a sega emulator. MASSAGE worked in my 486.

Eh? I know not what my comp is, just that it a Win98 and is not very powerful anymore.. When we first got it, maybe, but deff not anymore.. :wink:

But like I said, if I want to play it, I put in the atcual Sega Genisis and play it, or on my PS2 with Mega Collection by Sega.. :wink:
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

[Image: 11895-r.png]
Nathan wrote:
Quote:My point is that the engine is awesome and that it uses a commercial character and copyrighted stuff is a waste. I'd rather play to an original game with amateur GFX.

You have a point. However, I have targeted my project towards a specific audience who aren't that interested in originality.

But, when my project is released, I will also release the source code, so that someone can, if they want, make a total modification.
Man, you don't have to be that harsh.

I was just pointing out that I dislike ripped games. I remarked as many times as I could that I appreciate your effort and that the engine is awesome. Read this, I'm quoting myself:

Quote:I think it is superb and really advanced as a engine. It rocks.

Quote:I think this could be a true QB milestone [...]

Quote:The engine is awesome, a great achievement for QB.

Also, if you remember, I used to reply to all your announcements in VPlanet some time ago everytime you released a new version. Praises and more praises...

But you seem to be of the kind of people that focus on the negative stuff and get mad and blind.

Sometimes I don't understand people. Had a bad day? chill out man.

If you don't like my tuts, don't read them. I didn't rip sh1t, man, I wrote everything from my research. You are doing a very strong accusation. Please point me to the things you claim I ripped.

What's most funny is that I began the tutorials three months ago and you've been silent about them until now. Do you really hate them or you are in a grudge? Your post suffers of a blatant lack of maturity.

Quote:but it is also the poorest version I have ever seen in my life.

You sound like an angry teenager. Grow up and learn to accept critiques. I was complaining about the fact that it's not an original project. Just that.

SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Hey Na_th_an,

I just wanted to apologise for any offence you may have felt in relation to the post I just directed at you. As you may imagine, I was somewhat offended by your originality critique. In my repIy to your objection, I was trying to put forward the argument that the originality issue you raised was irrelevant, as few qbasic projects are original. However, this is difficult as I have to define what an acceptable version of originality is. An appropriate definition would have led to a post the size of a Master's thesis. So, I took the easy way out, and attacked your credibility instead. I didn't think about this when I posted it, but I realise this must have been hurtful. So, I wish to take back those comments. I hope you can accept my apologies.
Once again, we have found an individual, who despite strong programming proficiency or any talent in general is upset at the fact that they recieved some constructive criticism.

I agree with na_th_an 100%. You have mistaken his upfront, nice and polite attitude with naievity and possibly even stupidity. Despite your best intentions, he still remained polite and nice after what you said to him, and that in itself is a big thing.

Na_th_an is one of the most highly respected members of this community. Aside from being an excellent mucisian, artist and creative genius, he is a fantastic programmer. His contribution to the community have been a major factor in where it is today. From the excellent releases he has had dating back maybe 8 years ago to the help he provides to beginners, to the ideas he brings into the community, he only looks to help others, and create fun, interesting and original products. Just recently he revived the ABC packets. His tutorials, despite your pathetic comments to rip open a wound are excellent, and as someone who has worked with him, I know that he is strongly against stealing code.

And as for your comment that his text adventures are based on 80's you know that you have made a game that is a direct rip-off of one of the most famous series of games ever? Because it seems that in your hypocritical and highly contradictory comments you failed to notice that the comments that you made on na_th_an's work apply more to your work than his.

Your words have also demonstrated your amazing narrow-mindedness, surprising yet again from the creator of a fairly good engine. Technical proficiency in a...IF game? Do you mean flashy graphics (na_th_an's won't be ripped, mind you) or multi-channel sound (yep, na_th_an is a musician, so his would be original too). Oh, maybe you meant a very advanced and strategically thought out engine with careful management of all the elements that make a good IF game.

But you and I both know that you didn't mean that.
It is sad that technical proficiency is all that impresses you.

I get the impression that you have come to this forum thinking of yourself as some sort of..."QB Legend", and you expect no criticism, just praise and respect.

From me, you will get none. What little respect I had for you as a programmer is now gone. Any special treatment you think you deserve will definately come from me.

By the way, I suggest you check out a game that na_th_an was a major contributer in (programming, level design, music, graphics and whatnot), called Phantomas 3. It is availible on most major remake websites... has it somewhere if Google doesn't present the technical proficiency that you are normally used to.

Or, if this message is technically unproficient because I haven't used a quote or a BBcode tag, then I am sure that if you ask na_th_an nicely he will be happy to send the game to you.

Oh, and by the way: Don't start a quote war...taking all of my paragraphs and trying to break my justification. I honestly don't care what you have to say, just preserve what little dignity you might have with other members of this forum and accept your shortcomings.

I have resolved this matter with jb, but I can't remove this post as it goes against everything I believe in. Let's just leave it at that he has understood where he was wrong, and that he went about correcting it in a respectable and proper manner.
avinash.vora -
No hard feelings, then.

Let's move along.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Man i got to really start reading more of the Sub forums here i keep missing out on so much entertainment. Smile

on a persona note i kind of find the game pretty good and it was worth doing clone games are kind of a genra of there own one that can lead to lots of copyright infrigment.

i rember a few years back 1999 or 2000 i think some one did a raycasting engine of wolfinstain 3d in qb and got slaped with a cease and desisted order.
I'm no big fan of clones or anything, but...

One thing that's good about doing clones is that you have an INSTANT fan base of people other than just QB programmers. SonicX isn't just popular among QBers, but among the entire Sega/Sonic fan community.

I looked at the hit counter at QBasic Central, and the site gets 30 - 40 hits per day. (For a small QB site, that is a LOT of traffic -- trust me, I know...I put together a links collection of over 350 QB links last summer.)

Anyway, there's no way that much traffic comes from just the Qmunity. I bet you that most of those hits come from Sonic the Hedgehog fans who Googled for "Sonic".

So...if you want to guarantee that your game gets a lot of attention and gets widely played, you SHOULD do a clone...especially if it has some new gameplay elements -- like custom levels and a level editor or something. You'll get a lot more interested players.

This principle also applies to other pop culture tie-in games, such as Jocke The Beast's Middle Earth Tales RPGs (Mirkwood, Riders of Rohan, etc.). Lord of the Rings fans search out those games and play them in droves -- and most of them have never touched QB. Just read Jocke's latest article on his website...there was a granny that wrote in and said she enjoyed playing his games. And a whole lot of kids and other non-programmers too.

Although lots of other original QB RPGs are much better games, they just don't get played as much because they don't have a preexisting fan base. What Lord of the Rings fan is going to pass up the Middle-Earth epic (or so it seems) "RIDERS OF ROHAN" to play... "Ped Xing's Quest", starring some guy they've never heard of? Not many. The quality of the gameplay experience is irrelevant (not that I'm saying Jocke's games or SonicX are bad or anything). It's all about name recognition.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.
Pete's QB Site:
I can't help but agree with Pete. qb games just don't have the massive advertising drive besides word of mouth, whereas almost any gamer can recognize Sonic or Mario.
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