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Sorry about the unpresentness lately, but I am a college student so my free time tends to come and go at unpredictable schedules. I'm on spring break right now, and while I still have to work about 4-5 hours a day, I have a little more free time.

I'm using that time to convert all of Lillo's documentation to freedoc. If I finish that early, I'll try and get some of Dr_V's old pages converted. Just in case anyone was feeling uninspired, right? I don't have a computer with active desktop so TortoiseCVS has failed me. But don't worry, I'll get those uploaded as soon as possible.

What I really need right now is for people to make headers for docs, apply them to templates and put the file in the incomplete folder. I'll try and do some of this.

Anyhow, just stoppin by and tippin' my hat while I have internet available to me.
I understand what you mean about being a college student now heh - assignment after assignment, page after page, and uh life to attend to.

I havnt been working much on my documents either, doing bit by bit slowly.

I had about 20-30 commands to document, now with all the additions probably up to 50 heh. I have a small break next week for 2 weeks, so hopefully I'll have the right mood to finish this all up.
I was just wondering, are you still working on your own doc project?
me? yeah i am, still at it.
nex: I saw you where a member of the doc project, so I thought you maybe stopped working on your own doc..
Nah, I added him as sort of a show of faith that I'm not trying to compete, and because he's working on documentation too, I likes to be open.

I imagine there might be a way to merge the two systems together. The problem with mine is that there's no front end and I've no spare time to write one, and the problem with his is that the documentation doesnt stand up to other professional documentation (though it's still an invaluable resource, and represents a lot of hard work that shows).
Yeah err perhaps I will try out some way to convert my writings on the commands into your xml format. Merging would be cool.

Though I think there are a select few where there is basic formatting in the text i think it is very few commands and they could be re-written.

Im guessing a front-end shouldnt be too hard to make for your xml stuff. Just a few days.

I'll see what happens anyway, i'll continue writing for my help doc as theres a bit to catch up on, perhaps later i'll see what can happen.
Well, if you code this in perl or php I'll try my best to help out. I know PHP, Perl, and Javascript front to back, as well as aesthetic web design. In addition to this, one of the things I've been slacking on is the redesign of

From what I can envision sitting here on a library terminal, you'd need four tables: One with header information, and three more for the three page types, all tables having a primary key on the index. If I survive this upcoming week I'll try and get some work done next weekend.

I'll also try and get that review of your page, SotSvart, I'm very sorry but I was tossed a Monday presentation and a Tuesday test on Friday, that I didn't know about.

Anyways, don't start on anything just yet, Nex. I don't want to try any of this crap until I have the time, which will lighten up in a few weeks. If anything happens, it'll be me making a backend for a wiki-style freedoc library. Then we can talk about converting articles to freedoc format.
Jofers: np, real life comes first. I have some free time these days, so Ill keep adding kw's.. have made 14 until now(AND, OR, XOR and all the number converting functions like CINT)

Quote:jofers: I'm using that time to convert all of Lillo's documentation to freedoc.
I cant see your name on any of the gfxlib kw's.. I hope the status.txt file is updated?
Oh thats cool- was not planning on doing much. Presentation? Ow, what course are you doing?

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