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Upon general request : Fractal Tutorial on-line !
The following lines were written after too many beers : it's 5:40 AM in France now. So be indulgent if it sounds like a boring, didactical speech, and take all that stuff with a maximum sense of serious humour.

The Mandelbrot Dazibao was opened in Sept 2002. The main pages were about fractal programming, with a clear focus on the Mandelbrot Set.

It was first designed as a fractal tutorial.

If you visit the Fractals section, you will learn in five steps how to generate professional quality M-Set wallpapers with QB. Robert Munafo en personne has quoted the Mandelbrot Dazibao in his Mandelbrot Encyclopedia when I issued the Buddhabrot algorithm on sci.fractals in nov 2002. A whole bunch of grateful thanks to Melinda Green who discovered that puzzling Mandelbrot rendering.

Sattamassagana, Melinda.

The progs available on the Dazibao were build in three steps:

1) Screen 12 approach
2) Screen 12 + 8 bits bitmaps
3) Direct Hi-Res pics generation, based on direct 24 bits bitmaps generation

All these QB progs are available on

There are also fractal videos there.

The only sub I consider interesting in my works is the HSVtoRGB conversion I had to design for these pics. The rest is only made of maths and calculation...

Now, what's new with the TC-Lib ? Well, instead of creating bitmaps on the HD, you do the same live, on screen... Now all the fractal formulas along with the top-rank raytracing techniques will be accessible to almost anybody.

And that's the next step for the Dazibao, knowing the goal (before summer) is to make public the relationship between Einstein's relativity, Quanta mechanics, Buddhism, Taoism (Asia Lyrism), and the monotheist religions (you know, all that islam, judaism and christianism stuff...) via fractals and non-linear systems physics. The "Spirit Born Page", that unveils the "true meaning of Stairway to Heaven", is just an entry point for the future pages of the Dazibao.

Party's on, Dude !
hink Global, Make Symp' All ! ®
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Its acceptable that the capital pages were about fractal programming, with a bright focus on the Mandelbrot Set.

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