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I have programmed a nice small editor which now supports FreeBasic directly (before it was made for PowerBasic only). The editor's name is simply "BE" (BasicEditor).

Here is the offical homepage: (Go to PowerBasic/FreeBasic there)

I hope You like the IDE. It supports function/sub/macro toggling to single lines, syntax coloring, auto case correction, can export the listing as RTF file, can directly cooperate with a resource editor and so on.
It looks like if the headline "PowerBasic/FreeBasic" is in the wrong tree, click at the last link named "Tools" in the page.

Anyway, the editor is really great! I like the function "folding subs/functions to one line", just using the keys "F11" and "F12"! Smile

And the "AutoMixedCase"-Function for API and Basic-Commands!

Kind regards from Germany

erman freeBASIC-mailinglist:
For subscribing send an empty e-mail to
Nice little program. Yeah, the sub folder is quite nice... makes cleaner code when your looking at a program you haven't touched for months. Smile

Actually, there are a few things i'm looking forward to.

1. FIDO, nek.
2. FBXL, nek
3. FB IDE, Von
4. FB IDE, mystikshadows
5. port of rellib Wink
Jumping Jahoolipers!
just wanted to say this IDE rules... its all i use now.

Some spelling errors (indent, not indend), but I like it. It's simple and effective, and it has block comment, something that I missed in FBIDE.
avinash.vora -
Looks nice IDE. Ill use it Smile
Yeah, nick changed from lurah, but bullshit's are the same.
Yeah, really nice! I like it because it automatically capitalizes my code along with syntax highlights (kinda like VB does).
Roland, Nice!

How about adding a split window option for subs and functions
like in QB/PDS -- Where you hide the subs and functions from the
main code and then you select them separately from a View menu
when you want to view them.

That always made the code a little neater looking and easier to read.


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