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SotSvart: Your OR documentation
Okay, here we go: It was actually pretty good. You definately have the freedoc format down solid. Just make sure that you leave the revision tag out of the header when you create a document, so it doesn't leave an mm/dd/yyyy there.

The other thing is the amount of detail that it describes. OR is much more than a bitwise operation. It is used in conditions, and is a primitive computation (OR gates are common in hardware design). It also might help to

I redid the document for reference, leaving you as the author and implementing the chart format you asked about. You can modify the document to how you see fit. I did this in two hours: my grammer, information and whole approach to explaining it may be off. But it's just to demonstrate the amount of detail you should consider when documenting a language element.
Ok, I see what you mean, Ill try to make my docs alot more informative.

Quote:It also might help to..
Could you finish this sentence please Smile

How would your chart output? Something like this?
Bit1: 0      Bit1: 0     Bit1: 1      Bit1: 1
  Bit2: 0      Bit2: 1     Bit2: 0      Bit2: 1
Result: 0    Result: 1   Result: 1    Result: 1
I'm not really quite sure how to finish that. I'm a forgetful person sometimes Smile

WAIT!! Never mind!!! You SHOULD use <row> in that chart.
Then it would output like this:

That chart would output like this using <row>s:
A        B       Result
----    ----     --------
0       0        0
0       1        1
1       0        1
1       1        1

If you used <column>, I guess it would output like this:
A:          0      0     1     1
B:          0      1     0     1
Result:     0      1     1     1
k, have updated my docs + written one for NOT. Havent uploaded anything yet, will do when I get home from work in about 4 hours.

Just one question, how do I move files in the cvs folder? Should i cut n paste the file into the new directory and ADD it, n then COMMIT the changes? Im just afraid cvs will duplicate the file so the latest changed file gets added to the Complete folder, but the old one still stays in the Incomplet folder..
I'm not sure either. I had trouble with that.
Do a regular local filesystem copy; commit the copy; do a CVS Remove on the original.

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