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QB Express Issue #9 Finally Available
Quote:Nice issue pete, but i think you should break it up into different pages rather than putting everything on a single page! It take a lot of time to load for 56kers
Please dont, its so much more convinient this way, i hate emags i have to navigate to find what i need.

However to solve this you can offer a downloadable .zip copy/
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Agreed, I'm on 56k myself, and I much prefer getting it all in one go rather then having to load up possibly a bunch of small pages to find something.
Great issue Pete.

And yeah, funny review :lol:
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There is a downloadable zip copy:
Pete's QB Site:
Yup. Great issue! Tongue

I agree with the statemant that the guy who reviewed The Quest For Opa Opa, should not be allowed to review games in the future... Or was it a joke? If it was a joke, then it was pretty funny. It didn't seem like one though. Behavior like that will get you fired in the real world. :lol:


Keep up the good work. :wink:
Well that review - Big Grin. What I said to him in that thread (I don't want to bring out old skeletons) applied perfectly - it's hugely ironic that he wrote that review as a response to my calling him basically what he did by writing that review. I mean, talk about holding a fu ck ing grudge, eh?

I actually couldn't believe that Pete ran that - but I have to agree, it was amazing comic relief - I've had a tough week, and that was just a nice way to lighten everything up.
avinash.vora -
I think JB is pissed because we arent hailing him as the great master of BASIC programming.. he has, after all.. made SonicX.. :lol:

The rewiev kicks ass.. and it's so stupid it's funny..
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The Opa Opa review was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. I'm glad that you found it humerous, as that was my intention. For what it was, Opa was solid, and the music was very impressive. I was just trying to say that I would have had more interest if it were made in qbasic 1.1, as this platform had the capability to run it.

But, I suppose it is more convenient to have it in executable form.

Nathan, and aetherfox, please don't think this review was the result of a grudge. It was just a bit of light fun. If you guys want to do the same kind of thing to sonicX, I will enjoy reading it.
I find it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard to take that review as an intentional joke. Rather than exaggerating, it seemed to be taking legitamate flaws and trying to use those as sole excuses... I mean, if you look in the Gameplay section of the review, there's really not a single 'joke' in there. And instead of actually poking fun at the story, it was just slammed as 'uninteresting'. What a laugh...

Who knows, maybe different people will just see it different ways, but intentional humor, is not one of them for me. I see grudge written all over it. =[
Rockuman, my review was intended to be funny when veiwed as a whole, not as the sum of its parts. I wrote it hoping that people would read throught it, think it is legitimate, and then reach the end and go What the F***. In this respect, it is an example of deadpan humour.

Unfortunately, I was not able to pull off this style with a joke on every line. If I had of done that, it would of had less impact, and most people would have realised that it was a joke straight away. So I used the absurdly low scores at each section as a cue to the final line when everything should have come together.

Looking at the final score, I have probably been a little too generous with this review

That was obviously a joke, as I had scored the game very harshly. At 4/35, I underestimated the true worth of the game by about 100%. At this point, most reasonable people would have realised that the whole review was a joke. But, if you are unfamiliar with deadpan humour, you may have just seen the review as harsh.

Anyway, it is interesting to see the response to this.

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