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FBIde 0.4
Now I feel dumb. :-? Thanks! Smile
"I have a perfect body, but it's in the trunk and starting to smell."
yay! new IDE. one question though - Where are the minimizer things? you know how you could press the + or - to expand/shrink loops/subs etc., is that an option i can turn on? That was in .33, but i don't see it in .4. If its not :roll: , please put it in the next version. Smile BTW, awesome job on the IDE, I love it. :rotfl:
[Image: freebasic.png]
search seems to be missing the end of search pop up..

but again i cant stress enough,, EXCELLENT WORK, and many thanks to victor,, with him none of this would not be possible. My hat goes off to you sir, thank you.
retsyo Wrote:bug?
open 1 files, compile and run
open another one, run it, but only 1.exe runs

I have been unable to duplicate this.
These are the steps I take:
1. Open 1.bas
2. Compile and run 1.bas
3. Open 2.bas
4. Compile and run 2.bas - It does run this one

Could you explain what you did in more detail? Can you duplicate the problem at will?
1.lauch FBIde ..\FreeBASIC 1.3\examples\gfx\mandbrot.bas "run->compile&run", mandbrot.exe is compiled and runs esc to return to FBIde ..\FreeBASIC 1.3\examples\gfx\va_strings.bas>run, mandbrot.exe runs; but run->quick run, va_strings runs. I think this is the problem
another problem: where is the recent file list?
Run executes previously compiled file. It's not a bug.

Filehistory is somewhere on to do list.

In sub function search -it doesn't invlude multiline stuff. Only line wher function/sub ... is. Also to search use [func+ ...| sub+ ...]
Any reason why this program refuses to compile with FBIDE 0.4, drag and drop didn't work either.

I tried it in BE (basic editor) and it worked fine, drag and drop works fine again as well.

DECLARE FUNCTION stall (sleepertime)

stall 10

FUNCTION stall (sleepertime)
    T = TIMER + sleepertime
    WHILE T! <= T
    key$ = INKEY$
    T! = TIMER
    IF key$ <> "" THEN GOTO stallexit


END Function

(i'm trying to make a sleep command that doesn't pass on the inkey$, dunno why)
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Compiled and worked fine here.
could the fact that i'm running fbide and fbc on a portable device (my ipod mini) effect anything?
url=][Image: style4,TheDarkJay.png][/url]
It might, I would depend on how certain things are accessed. That's how you've been running it for a long time though isn't it? What error does it give you?
"I have a perfect body, but it's in the trunk and starting to smell."

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