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FBIde 0.4
[offtopic] since you guys are making my inbox go nuts, i'm throwing in this here post to ding all your inboxes. [/offtopic]

Screwing with your reality since 1998.
I do not get an error. The asm file appears but it doesn't turn into a .exe
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I timed that too. 83 seconds from my post.

Screwing with your reality since 1998.
That's weird, I wish I knew enough about how the compiler works to give you an explanation. Have you tryed just running off your pc to see if you run into the same problem?
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It runs fine on my box, and mine runs nothing right. So agreed, try it on a PC.

Screwing with your reality since 1998.
it's not my PC, i do not think my dad really cares about me wanting to program so he wouldn't like me eating up his hard drive (as he like to put it).

I'll reinstall FB and see if that works


That fixed it.
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btw, instead of goto stall exit, you can elminate that whole lable and just do EXIT FUNCTION at that point =)
off topic- Oh yeah. I've change it to that. Thanks.

I've made it so you enter the time it stalls for and whether you want it to check for button presses or not. You have to enter 0 or less to make it a untimed stall (runs until a button is pressed), now all i need to do is make it run by milliseconds instead of seconds and it will be like the sleep command exept you can choose whether you want it to end by pressing a key and it doesn't pass the key to the next inkey$ command.

on topic- anyone know what happend, and why reinstalling FBC and FBIDE (i'm sure i had the latest version of FBC) fixed the problem
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Quote:another problem: where is the recent file list?

I would call this a missing "feature", not a "problem". :-)

At any case, this *is* being looked into..

Recent Files as well as Recent Sessions. Big Grin

Eric (Dilyias)
ric Carr
I'm not sure if anyone else has run into problems, but I have some and figured this thread would be good for reporting.

The main thing is FBIDE just crapping out on me for some errors instead of showing the errors. It happens mostly with thinks like forgetting an end if:

if shoestinks = true then
if hairisgreasy = true then
end if

I'm not sure if something like this will be reproducable, but for me it just shuts down the IDE when I go compile. There are also other places this happens, like trying to call a winsock function with a return variable of the wrong type, or trying to call a user32 function. Different things, all while I'm working with gui code (so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it). Something else I noticed when messing with the menu gui example was if I tried to change the text displayed in the middle of the box, the IDE would crap out and shutdown.

Also, if you have multiple tabs open and on one scroll to the right, when you go back to another tab the scroll to the right remains.

A feature request would be the compiler only applying syntax formatting to .bas/.bi files, or other files of your choosing. In my session I have a .txt file and a .cpp file that are all out of whack with syntax formatting. Also, I'm not sure if this is in there and I missed it, but a word wrap option to the width you specify to set that little vertical line across the screen would be nice. This is more handy for the text files (library documentation) in the sessions.

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