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Ok the whole group work together thing is nice, but in my experience (I'm a teacher) things tend to go a lot smoother with one person guiding the ship.

Well, if Jofers doesn't want to serve as manager then I'll step in and try it.
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Ok cool.

But do you want me to host it?
avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
If you've got the space. I've got qb45 at my disposal to host it, but I'd have to double check that with gered before I do it.
Ok fine, I'm going to start now. I've never tried installing it before, so I'll get back here when I'm done. Urger, from his previous post, is taking managerial position?
avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
No need, i've allready arranged for the parent of the Wikipedia Project to host us (we'll be using Wikipedia's space and bandwith, and through them, Google's) They've given us unlimited space and bandwith, for free, as long as we make the wiki Open Source.
It's installed and running at http://freebasic.wikicities.com. still setting up the system's details, but it's mostly running.
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I think using a Wiki rather than the XML format is a good move; I just couldn't get into the correct mindset to write tons of markup before I even wrote the content. Smile I'll be back at the documentation full speed after school's out and I've knocked off the remaining bugs/todos on the DOS port of fbc.
All docs of new projects seem to start with wiki's, more people can contribute, but some "standard" will be have to be followed, or it will become a mess and converting later to pdf, chm or whatever won't be simple task.

I think it would be better to host the wiki at the fb.net site itself, so more people will know about it (fb.net gets about 10k visits /mo) and more could participate (and more stupid kids will try to screw it up too, stills). More hits will be generated to fb.net too, the new sf.net project ranking takes that into account.. as nobody uses the sf.net message boards :P.
RSS feed now operational : http://freebasic.wikicities.com/index.ph...s&feed=rss
ATOM format for those who prefer it:http://freebasic.wikicities.com/index.ph...&feed=atom
his sig left intentionally blank
Yup. All content will have to be strictly organized in a way that can be parsed later by a script. Mediawiki seems to use some kind of wierd symbol formatting, but I'll bite my teeth into it tomorrow and come up with some kind of draft.

If you want to host a wiki, vic, than I suggest you do. PS - you ever get around to wanting that website redesign...

Edit: Okay, there's two draft pages up, which pretty much transpose information from the old format to a wiki format.

There's a lot of xhtml div-ving, which has already gotten criticism before I finished the draft Smile. What do you think? This absolutely, positively, NEEDS to be organized in such a manner that can be parsed easily. It makes my life easier, and anyone who want's a pdf or a chm format's lives easier.

HOWEVER.. If you can think of a way to organize it more efficiently (e.g.: less markup) without losing that parsing abillity, I'm open to suggestions (demands?), this being a group project and all Smile

Preferably, make new drafts in new pages, and link to them from the main page.
BTW: Is there a way to use different titles on in-page linking with this thing?

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