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Key is for keyword, Pg is for Paging (?).

It needs to be added to the naming conventions, I'd do it, but I don't know what has been used.

KwDefinePP needs to be renamed.

Are we getting SysOp priviledges?

And where is the keywords list that all these pages are linking to?
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KeyPg means Keyword Page I assume.
I did put that in a revision to the Nameing Conventions page.
If we get SysOp status then we can rename the out of name spec pages.
Keyword page can be seen linked to on the TOC under "Other Indices"
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Oh yeah. Btw, what happened to making that TOC one column? I know it's linked, but I reckon that looks better.
avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
I like two column. Fills up empty space. But I'll go with whatever, really, so long as the actual page style gets changed (it's a boring documentation that doesn't fit the site).
Not bad Smile . I like it.
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