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You should use sourceforge's hosting instead. I think it's unlimited bandwidth, and as much space as you can justify.

I personally think that the wiki is the most important format there is, not the 'intermediary' format - think about it....it's going to be the most up to date, most up with the latest version than any output that's going to lag behind.

Online help is also something that many programs are leaning towards - MSDN for example releases offline help, but it lags far behind the leading-edge documentation on the internet.

I think aesthetics is very important when it comes to something like this. And while I think we should all thank Plasma for holding out this long, maybe you need to consider shifting to sourceforge or something if problems arise.
avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
Didn't Urger say that the other site he had started had unlimited space promised to the project?

If space is going to be a concern, perhaps a link from FB.net might be better than hosting it on FB.net.

$1.00 - .98
I'll host it at qb45.com, but it would still take a big cut from fb.net's traffic. I don't know if that's good or bad, depends on what you're trying to achieve with the website.

Aesthetics ARE important, but trying to inject them into the documentation is not. A script can update the html/xhtml version each week easily, and that can be formatted as complicatedly as we need.

I'm sure wildcard would also gladly offer his server, but he already does so much for people here, I wouldn't try and pressure him into it.
The sf.net host services are painful, phpMyAdmin can take 4 minutes to load the *main* page, making any DB changes take 1-2 minutes, i don't want to use it anymore. It stills limited to 100MB though.

That wiki was a free one, meaning you have no access to the DB, without that it will be way harder to strip out the generated web pages, not taking into account the server probably have an anti-leech protection, retrieving 300+ pages using an automated script would probably get my IP banned.

The current hosting is enough, by now.. traffic is below 1GB as fb.net has almost no images and the contents are gziped - the number of daily served pages grew 3 times since the wiki was added though..
Using some semantic and standards compliance markup with CSS for presentation, fb.net could reduce the bandwidth strains drastically and become more functional too.

Remember, the browser stores CSS files in cache...
avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
I wouldn't say dramatically... it's a simple webdesign. But it would help some.

I already have a website design made for v1ctor, but I haven't kept up with the updates since version 10.

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