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Adding an image to a tutorial
If I'm not mistaken I saw that Vic had disabled images on the Wiki. Will this be changed in the future?

The reason I ask is that in my trig tutorial I'm trying to draw a triangle to reference back to. I can't get it to look right in ASCII. I tried monospace fonts, text boxes, etc.... nothing.

Any ideas?
I don't think so, that will open the doors to script kiddies, sorry.

The disk quota is too short and the bandwidth too, if more images are added and some tard upload a huge image or tons of them, that could screw up with the site easily.

Making the pages writable to users only doesn't help, no checking is done in the registration, so an automatic script could be used.
Does the wiki allow the option to allow image hosting to specific userlevels? Speaking of which, are you keeping SysOp status or are other people going to get it? If not, I got some stuff that I need done in terms of administrative on the pages...
avinash.vora -
If it does allow image hosting, you can put a php cap on that image to be no more than 3k or something. That'll let people post small b/w line drawings to demonstrate mathematics. A large audience of FB is going to be kids learning to program, there are already people on the board asking what a cosine is, or how to project a point at an angle.
Okay, i will check the wiki script, but imposing limits at user side can be tricked too, you know.

I will have to tweak the registration, it's too easy to be screwed up.. Btw, all pages can be only written by members now.

That script has no admin functions but to set the page access rigths (read, write and comment), everything else has to be done in the DB itself - the overkill mediawiki wasn't much different, just allowed renaming and deleting pages.

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