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keyword : ANY
I'd like to point out that the wiki information on the keyword 'any' (at is incorrect (and also written by me a while ago). I had (and still have) little idea what it actually does. Someone who knows anything please re-write its page, and/or tell me what it does.

Sorry for providing false information! I cant figure out exactly what 'as any ptr' really does. Anyone?

Bye the way, I really like the wiki idea! Seems to be going great.
You're correct, there is no any type. If I remember straight, Zire had suggested one and then argued it for quite some time, to no avail.

I think you can safely delete the page.
What Zire was arguing for was little different I thought. To my understanding, Any is still a keyword and is used in calling typeless pointers (please correct me if I'm wrong). Checkout this article by Von
Ahha. My bad.
Ah thanks for that keeling. Yeah its a keyword i was exactly sure how to use it though. That article explains it mostly.

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