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Personal attacks
In recent months and days the amount of personal attacks has been on the increase. Personal attacks don't, and never will, have a place in these forums. The main rules/guideline for these forums has always been respect and continues to be. Please be aware that what you write in jest(in humour/funny) may not be taken as such by most or other people, thats not to say humourous posts aren't allowed but please try be aware that many different people from different backgrounds/cultures/languages visit here.

Posts that contain personal attacks, like always will be subject to removal/editing and if serious or repeat offending occurs banning will be considered.

If you are or have been the subject of an attack, or notice one; please do not take the bait/or respond back to it as that only serves to feed the attacker. The moderators/admins will deal with attacks as soon as they see them, but feel free to contact one of them.

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