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Thanks for setting up a wiki.
I had an hour or two, so I threw a couple of my tutorials onto there, and made inital pages for some of the items on the main menu which didn't have anything. Some of the pages may be a bit crude, but I figure it's far superior to having these links to nowhere right on the main page!

I also made a few new articles for concepts which are important, but not neccessarily integral to any given command. I've given the articles the cpt prefix, in keeping with the three letter prefixes for other articles.
Nice stuff. Now we are only missing a few items on the main page. Not bad for a week's effort (on the wiki that

Now that we have a skeleton, where should we start putting flesh on this golem? What areas should we stress? More articles? Tutorials? Better examples? Are there any keywords missing?

Someone with a good grasp of this beast that is FB might want to add some wanted pages.

One thing I thought about doing was creating a step-by-agonizing-step series of tutorials aimed at the absolute beginning newbie. I’ve seen other languages ship these with their documentation and I think it is a good idea. If someone already has them, or an outline how it should be done (like a Sam’s 24 hour book?) I am all ears. If there is something more important, throw it out there.

Again nice work, (but where is the LaTex article linked from? Big Grin )
It may be a good idea to simply take some of the "QB from scratch" tutorials and make relevant changes, remembering to properly attribute it. We're very lucky to be working with a langauge based on an already established language. I don't see any reason to re-invent the wheel if we can cherry-pick some of the better QB tutorials. Smile

Regarding the remaining TOC entries which haven't been done, I've never heard of WITH blocks, so I can't write anything on them. If someone can tell me wtf an "Operating system function" is with respect to the rtlib, I'd be happy to put that together though.

In terms of tutorials and such, I'm inclined to ensure there's a complete reference documenting as many of the features/flukes/peculiarities of the language and included libs as possible before worrying about documenting how to complete particular actions.

Teach a man to fish, he'll feed himself for a lifetime. Give a man the definitive reference to all aquatic activity, and you don't even KNOW what he'll end up doing. Big Grin
With, if it's anything like my understanding c or javascript, should be something like this

type mytype
a as integer
b as integer
c as integer
end type

dim myvar as mytype

with myvar
a = 2
b = 5
c = 7
end with

print myvar.a 'prints 2
print myvar.b 'prints 5
print myvar.c 'prints 7

And the number one priority should be improving those weakly written keyword entries and filling in the t_o_c

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