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Personal attacks
Before you read any further and all this goes out of hand:
All the names mentioned, and reasons, in my previous post, were and are meant as examples.

Quote:And Zire - I know they aren't your owners/gods/masters or anything, but show a little decency. I know the moment someone bitches at you you'll start flaming away.
Decency? I am.. If I wasnt I would simply flame this place to pieces and never come back. I'm actually working for getting QBN back on track. Something most of you seem to elegantly miss.
You dont know me.

Quote:They give "rats ass" thats why they have the rules up here.
We all know people dont follow rules, that is why we have criminals.

Quote:You know why? Because some of us here have a real life unlike some people who are online 24x7 at QBN
That is kind of my point, admins/mods have too much work to do, and cant spend every moment here. Solution: Assign more admins/mods.

Quote:Thats funny, he has always responded quickly when I PMed him. He is always around and quick to fix problems.
Good for you then, I PMed him again about 10 hours ago.

Quote:ROTFLMAO dont flatter yourself. After those attention whore stunts you pulled off if I were WC, I would've banned you.

Wow, someone who makes posts like these is *really* worthy of being an admin.
Everyone knows you and me disslike each other, it's kind of a fact.
The thread was starting to go towards an unpleasant mood, where you fealt attacked.
Now, tell me, did my post dissarm the situation, or did it spawn 3 more pages of flames?

Quote: :roll:

Quote:So, you're saying that you're the only one here who can "save" QBN... :rotfl:
I wouldnt mind helping to save it, on the contrary, I would be glad to.
And I clearly remember writing down more names than my own.

Yes, indeed I did.

Quote:Wildcard didn't really blame anyone in particular, yet you act as if he picked you out by the arm and told you to stop. Wildcard saw a lot of flaming (even though I'm not sure where that flaming is...), so he made a topic asking for it to stop. You didn't make a topic complaining about it in the first place, so now you're going to start when he actually makes a step in the right direction?
I have actually PMed wildcard about this issue before.

Two or three times in the past weeks.

Remember him appointing VonGodric as a moderator? I dont know if that was because of my PMs, but I do know he did it the day after he read it.

Quote:Zire, you just provoked flaming from tbbq
No, I didnt. Read my post again if you dont beleive it.

Quote:I got pissed with this post because despite his "unstable" behavior and flames that he has started in the past, he has the audacity to suggest that he could be a better admin than WC while accusing WC of inaction and irresponsible behavior.
I did never suggest myself as an admin, what I did do though was:
Quote:Now, if we start breaking down to the regulars
And then, you may notice I placed myself in the same list as the other "rejects", wildcard has spoken out his disslike towards Adosorken atleast twice that I know of.

Quote:I just can't stand it! I've turned a blind eye towards all of his flame baits in the past but some just deserve a good bashing from me.
Do you know what the term "Devils Advocate" means?
And do you understand why most of the former, and some of the current, regulars call you that?

Quote:A person who wants to be an admin must show some qualities like maturity, diplomacy, responsibility etc... And very least of all *arrogance* which I find abundantly in Z!re. You will find a topic named "goodbye", "i'm killing myself!", "i'm leaving".... after every n days. I don't object to these topics. Heck! I don't care to reply to them. But does this behavior even remotely resemble that of a responsible person?
I dont see how me posting topics when I'm depressed is arrogant.
Why would posting such topics automatically mean I'm irresponsible?

I make topics when I'm tired of living, when I dont see any reason anymore.
The replies, even the ones saying that I should take it or leave it, make me realize that atleast someone care.

And at the moment, all I have is just a forum, filled with people, whom I've never meet, yet consider friends.

Those who care enough talk to me on MSN, or even send a PM..

It makes me feel appreciated and liked.

While you may not like it, it isnt against any of the forum rules, and it keeps me alive.

Although, you dont have to worry, I wont make any more topics like that.

Quote:insult WC
I never did, you're missinterpreting something.

Also, it amazes me, that when I make a post because I want to save QBN, and make it a better place.

All you people can do is flame and debate useless details that are so meaningless it's painfull..

After all, who am I to make such a post!
Z!re, who spams every topic!
Z!re, who flames every n00b and regular the like!
Z!re, who never helps and only post "RTFM n00b!!!"
Z!re, who always ruin the debates
Z!re, who does nothing good but waste server space

You expect me to flame
You expect me to use sarcasm
You expect me to be mean
You expect me to be a bitch

So who am I to post about saving the forum?
Who am I to complain at the admins?

I'll tell you.. I'm the right person..

I mess this place up, I flame, I fight, I argue, I debate, I do everything to piss people off.

I want to save the forum.
I want to make it a better place.

Maybe you dont want to.. you dont have to, noone is forcing you..

Maybe we should all just let it keep sinking.. After all, ignoring something is just so much easier.

Ofcourse I will make a post about it, I'm the loudmouth, the annoyance, the one who never shuts up.

I speak my mind, always.

Thats who I am...

Who are you? Yes, you, who are whining at some piss detail that doesent matter... Who are you? What are you doing here? Why dont you make a post about saving the forum? Why arent you doing anything?
Z!re why do you even bother i mean this ship is sinkingjust sit back and let it happen nothing going to stop it. and if you try your just going to get flamed.
I think i still have a lot to learn :-?
fter 60 million years a civilization will search for a meteorite destroying most of the living creatures around this age...

There must be a better future for the Cheetahs!
I don't know about Z!re, but I can speak for myself, in the one year I've been here. I fond QBasicNews is definitaly worth the effort to at least try to save. (Yes I'm still here, I didn't shut down my computer, when I do, there goes my internet, it might even kick me offline by itself lol) so if I can have an extra day online, I will lol, I expect to get cut off any minute).

When I say It's worth saving, i'm not just talking about the website and the forum, I'm talking about the members too. A good way to do that is (read my previous post on this thread :-) it's all detailed right there). Keeping QBasicNews online is easy, heck when it went off a little while back, I and another were ready to provide space and bandwidth to make sure QBasicNews wasn't gone for good. That part of saving QBasicNews isn't a problem and won't be either. The other part of saving this forum is of course the people. Wether Admins or Moderators it doesn't matter, if they believe it's best to let the ship sink, they shouldn't be mods or admins for that matter and they missed what an admin and moderator are supposed to be (again see my previous post in this thread). IF any admin cares about the faith of QBasicNews, they should be doing more than what is being done to help save it. If they were doing enough it wouldn't be sinking.

It all depends on the point of view you take to analyse all this. It's definitaly savable as it's not as bad as some may think, but don't wait till it's too late...the time to act is now.
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

[Image: kaffee.gif]
[Image: mystikshadows.png]

need hosting:
All about ASCII:
For gods sake! If you guys don't like how the admins/moderators handle this forum...then leave! I'm sick & tired of these discussions where people seems to think that forums are democracy-hideouts where everyone have the right to decide and do whatever they wan't. Fuck that! If I "ruled" this place I would just say: love it or leave it...
[Image: jocke.gif]
"Some men get the world, other men get ex hookers and a trip to Arizona."
While it may elude you, we are trying to make people want to stay.

It's quite a subtle point throughout my post.
Quote:how the admins/moderators handle this forum...

If you add a ? a the end of this part of your post, you got exactly what we'd like to know/change. democracy hideout? It's not what we're trying to preach here. This is a very common situation that any board that grows to have several hundred members will ultimately have to face, no matter what the board is about. With growth must come somekind of structure (I don't necessarily mean discipline, law and order here) I mean structure. Have you read my 2 previous posts? I thought I was being quite clear then. As I am trying to be here.

If someone comes on a forum like this one and tries to throw chaos around, he will most likely succeed if he knows he's got plenty of time to do his thing. How many bank robbers would rob all their lives if they knew no cops would show up for a week? This is just an example. But I don't want to compare this board with somekind of criminal justice here. But the fact that this board has so many members should be enough (by common sense alone) to say that "we need more mods/admins" it's the only thing you need with a growing number of members, the only thing that will make the board successful. Logically at some point, the admins/mods must have been doing a good job or there wouldn't be 1600 some members here. To keep doing a good job, you have to add enough people to be able to handle the mass....just like a job...a man/woman can only do so much, if the company needs more done, then need to hire more help or they'll never get things done.

I'm not saying the current list of admins/mods are doing a bad job either, I'm just saying that they can't supply the demand. Getting VonGodric aboard as a mod is a good idea, but just one more mod like that isn't enough..they need more mods doing more things in different places on the forum to help keep QBasicNews as good as it historically has been. it's not democracy, it's not political, it's not authority or power, it's just simple common sense. A mod can only do so much. After that you need more mods. Makes sense no? :-).

A mod and an admin for that matter should also try to get people to post more. Get people involved in the community that the board is supposed to represent :-). Loooking at the ratio of Members to Members who post, I'm thinking there might be a bit more that can be done on that side of things too. :-)
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

[Image: kaffee.gif]
[Image: mystikshadows.png]

need hosting:
All about ASCII:
Quote:If someone comes on a forum like this one and tries to throw chaos around...

those meanie heads Cry


hey, i agree. my favorite forum on the whole internet is dying and nothing is being done. im sort of pissed off... ;/ i dunno WHAT this place needs... more mods would be a good start... it was absolutely amazing how long that dudes question asking for help to make a keylogger stayed around... if i was a mod that wouldve been gone like the second he posted it...
Ok... now it's my time to post.

I have to agree with wildcard that this forum has become a strange place of flaming and quasi attacks lately, and nothing really interesting happens anymore.

Quote:Neo - Comes around, but would probably be too nice for the admin/mod position, and wouldnt do anything
The reason I don't visit many times anymore? That question is a contradiction in itself. I am here many, many hours a day, as a guest. I only log on if I see something interesting happens. I don't like heavy flamefights, nor personal attacks, and those are not in my list of "interesting" things.

Secondly, I might be a very nice person, and it's one of the person Oracle made me admin at QBNZ. But now he's gone and nothing really happens there, but I can remember having to hundreds of posts from a spambot (and ban it) after a while. I think it saw the board was not much populated. Also some idiots were banned =) Anyway, I'm a nice person, with rules, and I like order. And this board has been more chaos than ever before.

Indeed something has to be done, in that sense I completely agree with Z!re and wildcard. Either assign more moderators/admins, or stimulate the currently, a lot visiting, admins to keep order more.

Quote: why do you even bother i mean this ship is sinkingjust sit back and let it happen nothing going to stop it. and if you try your just going to get flamed.
Remember I used to have the quote "Everything is possible - even if it's impossible" in my signature a long while ago. No ship is sinking if you don't want it to sink, simple.

Quote:insult WC
Most flamewars start from misintrepetations and misreadings. TBBQ, please read before posting a reply that develops the flamewar even more. (oh why do I have to say it again).

Quote:And at the moment, all I have is just a forum, filled with people, whom I've never meet, yet consider friends. Those who care enough talk to me on MSN, or even send a PM.. It makes me feel appreciated and liked.

Quote:1. Z!re, who spams every topic!
2. Z!re, who flames every n00b and regular the like!
3. Z!re, who never helps and only post "RTFM n00b!!!"
4. Z!re, who always ruin the debates
5. Z!re, who does nothing good but waste server space
1. You don't, seen relatively to other people here *looks at them*
2. You're again not the only one who does that. There are only a very few people who haven't been flamed by Nekrosoda.
3. Sometimes it's more than enough. (Although it would be nicer to have RTFM in combination with a link to the manual).
4. Simple. Not. I've never seen such a debating person as you. You making debates go other directions is caused by misunderstandings of other people, and you making a topic go quiet is brilliant tactical knockout and no one knows what to reply to you.
5. Haha Tongue I don't know anyone who doesn't.

Quote:I think i still have a lot to learn
Oh don't worry... everyone has.

Now please stop moaning, whining, flaming, or what else you're doing here. I don't think Wildcard is happy with it, even in this topic.
Let him decide what to do. He is doing good so far.

I hope this post was any use, else it's just another garbage post of mine (I always make garbage posts).


P.S.: Sorry for this outdated message, somehow QBN Forum didn't allow me to post this earlier.
This is getting stupid. Why don't you lock this?

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