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Personal attacks
Liberal isn't the word to use -- being prudish isn't a partisan thing. Tongue
Quote:You break them you get punished, I break them I get punished.

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Quote:You know why? Because some of us here have a real life unlike some people who are online 24x7 at QBN .... *spamming*

Ok, now i get ticket to out of here.

You have real life? Nice, i have too. Girlfriend, 2x dog, 3xrats, iguana, gekko, snake, horse and a cat <--- i can still be here more than meny more, even those ones who should be here. I dont post, because i get answers from other source (Variable = Mystik) :lol:

As i told, this is offence, against us all.

Its nice to argue, i allmost love it (well, usually i can make it so im right
8) ) so are we done here?

And i have 8 hour work days.
Yeah, nick changed from lurah, but bullshit's are the same.
funny how things evolve.

i've been here regularly since the rise of fb that is since november. i was never really offended by anything in here, nor thought the tone is to harsh.

the only thing i noticed is the settling down of all this fb things. there's hardly interesting topics at this point, ppl get bored, ppl are leaving. what do you expect if the 1000th opengl demo is posted and gets more attention then say a textmode app that does thousand times more then this.

that is the only thing i could notice. fights and flames have been part since day one of my visits. i think those are ok and i haven't seen a single one that didn't settle down.

ow, if ppl get bored that's what happens create a problem out of nowhere.. btw, good idea to ban z1re...
[Image: yagl1.png]
Quote:I have been lurking in the shadows reading posts from here since the beginning of 2005. I never noticed that anything was going on because my previous experiance with forums was this one:
Those guys are insane. Compared to that this forum is an episode of Barney.
i don't want to seem a little too of topic, but i was reading this thread and Imortis posted heroinpuppy was a very bad place. the link below opens the gates to hell! it makes heroinpuppy look like barney and QBN forums look like...tella-tubbies((sp)i don't care)

caution!!!! very bad language is used in these forums

these guys are messed up!
quote="whitetiger0990"]whitetiger is.. WHITE POWER!!! [/quote]
Marzec: I've been here since the site went up - I'm something like the 8th person to register. It didn't used to be like this, until about a year or two ago, and with the advent of FB the flames just exploded in number.
ic well i can only judge from what i saw Smile and really i know a lot worse places on the net then this
[Image: yagl1.png]
True, but that's not saying much Smile

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