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New owner
Quote:Is it a coincidence that Sumo Jo has 666 posts at the moment? I think not! Wildcard has made a deal with the devil!

Quick, gather your crosses and bibles!

Nah...little does the devil know that he is no match for me! muhuhahahahahahahaha!!!!! it's all in the signature ;-).
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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[Image: mystikshadows.png]

need hosting:
All about ASCII:
Adios, wildcard. And good show for turning over the forum.

When Mallard left The QBasic Forum, he simply bugged out and forgot the password and everything. It was a mess, dying from advertisments. Ideally, he would have turned the password over to some regular on leaving.

To me it's like driving a bus as a free courtesy. True, you owe nobody anything. In fact, the reverse. Still, it is strange to simply stop the bus and walk away with the key.

I finally had a new key made (at great pain) and The QBasic Forum is up and running again. I'm glad the QBasicNews forum doesn't have to suffer that.

Sumo Jo - good man!

Good Bye was a good time having you as the Admin of QBNews....we will all miss you....good luck

welcome to SumoJo...our new Admin.....
What they said! ^^^ Wink

Screwing with your reality since 1998.
yay, as the guys before me said:

it was some hell of a good time with you down here (even though i don't post alot, i come here regularly). hope you will still stay in touch with the q-munity und the qbasicnews. you've been a great help for loads of newbies and ...actually, for anyone else too Wink

sumojo: good luck man, some huge footprings to step in, but i think you are gonna make it! go go go! Wink

so, farewell wildcard, stay in touch, good luck sumojo!

cheers / mariuz
'm so lazy... no really.... i am the laziest programmer ever ... ever.

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