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Drawing AI Challenge
Quote:aff z!re, post souce b4 u demand it from others =(
I never demanded anything, I just figured it would be a nice change from Moneos date/converter/etc challenges.

JasonSG, I still cant run your code, could you compile and upload it?
Here it is: Download
It contains 2 versions - one with a constant number of pixels per group (painter2) and one with a random number (painter3). I am still having trouble getting the pixels to move around the sides. I am also having trouble getting the pixels not to leave black spaces. I currently have each group be a single color, not a range of colors. This can be changed by changing the DATA statements.
Here is my little painter:

I added a mutation factor so that it generates a little different pattern:


I goofed and kept the same file names, so copy this into a different folder.
JasonSG, it's nice, but as it tries to mimic Painter, you cant help but compare.
The colors in your version doesent flow together as nice.. the black spots doesent look weird though, they actually fit.

rdc, I like both your entries.
Although, to be very nitpicky, your first one never stops, but I dont care, it's still nice.
The second is a little boring compared to the first, as there's so much black.

I was thinking of letting the competition run until the 15th, and announce the winner in QB Express, if Pete accepts the small article/thingy..

Sounds good to you people?

My painter.exe is not an entry, it's just an example, it doesent follow the rules of source..

Anywas, more entries people!
Just so I am keeping with the rules, here is a fixed version of my first painter that stops when the screen is full (watch the title bar), and my official entry. Discard the others please.



I noticed a little bug with the IsFull function. I forgot to exit the outer loop. Replace IsFull with the following code and it should run a bit faster.

'checks to see if screen is full
Function IsFull() As Integer
    Dim As Integer i, j
    Dim As Integer cnt
    Dim ret As Integer = True
    For i = 0 To sw - 1
        For j = 0 To sh - 1
            If bscreen(i, j) = 0 Then
                ret = False
                Exit For
            End If
        If ret = False Then
            Exit For
        End If
    Return ret
End Function
rdc, is that FB? i mean the whole thing.
quote="whitetiger0990"]whitetiger is.. WHITE POWER!!! [/quote]
Quote:rdc, is that FB? i mean the whole thing.

Yes, it is FB .14. Sorry, I should have mentioned that.
the big tip-off was when i saw the mouse. and that it wouldn't run in qb. and other stuff...hmm...
quote="whitetiger0990"]whitetiger is.. WHITE POWER!!! [/quote]

For the most interessting, and pleasing to look at paintings.

I don't have time to whip up a trophy or submit to QB Express, hope you can forgive me Sad

EDIT: Ok, I found some time, submitted to QB Express

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