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Where did Helius go?
Thanks very much for your effort Sumo Smile
Yes, thanks! Big Grin

Thanks very much.
Frobozz Wrote:
Sumo Jo Wrote:I took it away because it only had a few users and it made it easier to install mods. If you want it back, I can install it later tonight.
While you are at it, throw in some other interesting themes that we haven't seen yet. Or talk Zap into making a unique one.

As part of advertisement, you could make the background have "FileAnchor" all over it like a watermark or something. :lol:

The more themes the harder it is to mod.

I don't think a fileanchor theme would go over too well.

Make fileanchor the only theme - that's even less work for you... i mean what's everyone gunna do about it?

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