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Released 2 of my little libraries for FB
Hehe as demanded by several members here (and the people who keep mailing me about it :o ) I just release my 2 little libraries as they are now, with version < 1.0. Meaning there's not really a big manual yet, but just little pieces of test code. But this doesn't mean they're not operational, and so I'm releasing them as they are now for you to use. If you have any questions you can contact me about them (don't expect me to tell you the whole manual in my head tho, i don't have all the time of the world).

The First FreeBasic MD5 Implementation
Well... just like it says. Contains a routine you can use to digest a message of any size to 4 UINTs (128 bit checksum). Note that this will most probably not return the same checksums as e.g. the PHP MD5() because of the different startup values used (called Magic Numbers in the algorithm). Also note that the download on Plantasy seems to contain an older (inoperational) version.

FreeBasic Image Alteration and Effects Module
A nicely sized library containing routines to alter and modify BSV images in memory (PUT compatible). Contains most functions you could think of and probably some you didn't think of. Note that some functions are multi-usable, suitable for different purposes, so don't think it's missing something until you know what all routines can do. It contains a test program that takes some sample BMPs and executes each routine on 1 different way on them. (There's a lot more than the output shows tho). Usually considered very complex for the ones just taking a look at it. It isn't very suitable for realtime rendering either, more for preprocessing.

Note that all versions are < 1.0, meaning their actually not fully ready. One missing thing is it's still lacking is Option Explicit compatibility, among other things like extended manual.

EDIT: Oh btw, I just came to realize this may be the wrong forum to post this in. If any admin or moderator is online he/she can move it to FBNews if they find that more appropriate.
It's cool with me being here. There's been lots of freebasic news here lately.
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Hm I guess no one has any comments Sad

Fixed to work with Option Explicit.

A very impressive library!

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