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One Man Army Games gets a website!!
Agamemnus Wrote:it's act

What do you mean it's act?

That's gramattically incorrect!

"its act" is right.

BUT --
"it's own website" should be "its own website"
"it's freinds" should be "its friends"

its = posessive
it's = contraction of "it is"

Sorry, there's nothing that bothers me more in this world than the "it's" thing. Except for maybe they "your/you're" thing. Yeah, I'm a grammar hound. Smile

's is possessive as-well
its = plural

Yes, "'s" can be used as possesive, but "its" as plural? Never heard of it.
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's can be used to make most nouns possessive, except there are exceptions like it and who.

"it's" is never possessive.

In fact, here's a quote from The Grammar Guide website:

Quote:You must simply remember that it's is always a contraction. It's never a possessive! It's really not that confusing, because each word has its own function.

You're right about "its" -- that can be plural if you are using the word "it" as a noun. For example, "Joe wrote several 'its' in his essay." But that type of usage is very rare.
Pete's QB Site:
aga was right silly.
Quote:it's act
meaning "it is act". which makes sense because apparently sj misspelled / did something goofy in his original post when he said "gets its act together", so in fact in this context it makes sense. it would of course make more sense if aga had put "act" in quotation marks to clarify.
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Whats the meaning of all this business? Whats the "act" mean anywayes? I figure he accidentally mean it's name to be "back" when he did "act", or did he?
And I was wondering why there was 14 replies on this thread.

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