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Freebasic 0.14 is there...
Awe... you beat me. It has Function Overloading too! Tongue
is there a way to upgrade or do i have to delete every thing and install the that?
I just create another folder_(fbc14b)_ and redirect FBIDE's compiler directory to it. If you're not using FBIDE, then you can just create another folder and forget about it. You can delete t if you want, but you don't have to. Wink
FBIDE + FB 14 combo would be nice. vonnie?
Big Grin
y smiley is 24 bit.
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diroga if your going to copy over .13b first delete the lib folder that way when you unpack .14 into the same folder and run install.bat it will regenerate the .a files it self from the def files and not simple skip over the present .a files.
FB 0.14 + next version of FBIDE with debugger would be perfect!
Now i am only missing png feature in BLOAD ^.^
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Just use LibPNG. BLOAD support is hokey, having a million import/export modules would bloat up the runtime.

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