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Updates and new contributor at ASCII-World
We Now Nave A New Contributor.

Please help us give a warm welcome to our new contributor, Rattrapmax6, who just became part of the ASCII world effort. Take a look at his profile and his website. His ASCII contributions range from Scrolling ASCII Map Makers and a Power ASCII library. I sure am happy to having onboard.

Two New Applications Now Available

In our ASCII-World Applications section, you will find two new applications. Two versions of Rattrapmax6's Scrolling Map Maker. I put both versions available because in my opinion, one of them might better serve some mapping project's needs whilst the other is better suited for other types of mapping projects.

Something else interesting is happening at ASCII-World pretty soon, so keep an eye of us :wink:
Yeah, nick changed from lurah, but bullshit's are the same.
Is this thingo interesting? It uses a shitload of my own text mode routines.
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Wow, good stuff :-) always :-). Can I host that on ASCII World?
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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need hosting:
All about ASCII:

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