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The FreeBASIC Ultimate Demo Compo has a new official entry!
you thought it was me eh? well it's not me... let sumo check the ips or something...
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You, cha0s or dave.. but im really too lazy to care..
lol, dont get me dragged into it.

but yeah, i thought it was one of the people on z!re's list *cough* lol
Things need to be cooled down here. Ass, I don't know who you are as you've been on different ips for all posts and don't match other users, but I'm glad you feel with creating drama in a programming forum makes you tough. I don't want all the precious time you spent thinking of your excellent posts and using your amazing wit wasted, so I won't delete your posts. I hope now, with all you've accomplished here, you can feel an ounce of happiness in your sad little life.
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LOL :lol:

nice one Sumo Jo!
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Quote:I use QB religiously. Too bad I'm an athiest.
I think I'll pASS on this. :*)
Big Grin
y smiley is 24 bit.
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