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C++ translator in QB
DrV Wrote:What exactly would a "C++ translator" do? Translate it into English? Wink

But seriously - what do you mean? A C++ interpreter? or perhaps compiler?

The word translator in the programming world means like a compiler minus the compiling. In other words, like QB.

Hope this clarifies things Smile ...

actually, the term you are looking for is interpreter, not translator.
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Quote:FB sucks


FB r0x QB's S0x
MystikShadows Wrote:But a challenge is a challenge, you can ask it done in QB but there's no need to bring down FB in the process ;-).

I'm sorry. I just got mad at it because I accidently deleted my copy and had to work off of QB4.5 until I could find a new copy.

No hard feelings, right Smile ?

Nope, none at all :-)....I'm not like this just with the QMunity (qb fb and others) I had any programmer of any language that flames any other language period ;-)....Programming is a question of choice, not a question of "compliance" in my book :-) especially for personal projects :-).
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