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Millennium OS Poll
Hi everyone!

My name is Todd, and as some of you may know, I develop Millennium OS (seen at:

I am having a poll for everyone and anyone. The question is: Which copy of Millennium OS should be open sourced?

Here is the poll: . Please vote.

The voting closes on October 21. On that day, I will release the code and publically archive it forever, so it will be open source for everyone!

Please, be respectful in voting. Only vote once. Thank you very much.

Todd :bounce:
I once heard about a GUI that had some limited ability to run Windows 3.x or 9x executables. I think it might have been called Millennium OS but I'm not sure. Is this it?

Also, why would you be open sourcing only one edition? Are you making any money off this at all?
Yes, M-OS is it. It doesn't work very well, but it is in the code.

Well, I just want to spark some interest in users, and I think it's kind of neat. Just to see which is most valuable. :king:

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