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QB Express #15 Now Available
I know Issue #15 just came out, but it's that time again...

Submissions for QB Express #16 are due: November 22, 2005

I have gotten very few submissions for this issue so far, so it's very important that you write! We need tutorials, reviews, editorials, news briefs, comics, and anything else you can think to contribute.

If you want to write, but can't think of an idea, check out the QB Express Article Requests thread.

QB Express wouldn't exist without your submissions!

Send everything to:
Pete's QB Site:
Hey guys --

I haven't gotten that many submissions for #16, and it's now past the deadline.

I'm going to extend the deadline until FRIDAY, November 25th.

All of you Americans, take advantage of your Thanksgiving break on Thursday and Friday, and write some QB Express articles!
Pete's QB Site:
(Hey, I think you forgot to mention what I told you about my articles in PM Wink).
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