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Wilcard: Have you checked if the messages was deleted 'in the forever way'? You know, when you delete something from a DB, it doesn't really delete it, first when you press 'Clean up DB' or something. Just check to be sure, might be that the hacker wasn't in the DB admin, but just in the phpBB admin. Also, you might upgrade to phpBB2.3.

And I agree with every one else: That hacker diserves something very bad. But, together we will continue the Qmunity, afterall, it was only messages, and not programs, the website, or acounts.

We have a say, here in Danmark: "Det kunne have været være", meaning it could have been worse. That helps to get over some crisises.

url=]CopyPasta[/url] - FilePasta
Zap: There is no phpBB 2.3, I've installed the latest stable version 2.0.4 as far as I know. The messages were deleted, but I'm not sure it was the SI (stupid idiot "haxer") directly. The main problem was the forums were deleted and messages lost their forum places and when reinstalling a newer version of the forum phpBB deleted them(afaik). The messages are gone as the db size went from 13 megs to 3 megs.

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