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Additional smileys...
Some great smiles out there, eh?

I'll have to look for some at some point in the future.

The virus one: :lol:

The mouse one: [Image: smoke_smile.gif] (cool)

Hex's one: What is it drinking? It should be beer, and after each animation it should get more and more drunk... hehe
Not beer, I think that's something truly chilean: pisco.

Pisco? FYI:
Quote:What is pisco? Five different types of muscatel grapes are blended and fermented to 13 percent alcohol, and again to 16 percent. Only the intense grape sugar concentration (remember the daytime/nighttime temperature extremes?) makes such high alcohol possible. The resulting “wine” is then distilled to 89 percent alcohol, and aged in American oak for six months. At bottling, this is diluted to 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 percent, depending on the market.

Taken from

[Image: rockdevil.gif]
Up the Irons!

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