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The first AAP Official Projects Squad update of 2006 is on!!
In the official projects site of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, it has just launched tonight its very first update of the new year with some biggies: the Frantic Journey pages have *finally* updated with some important and breaking news that will astound you; the official pages of the FB game library AFlib2 now has some new and recent developmental info plus three (3) all-new in-lib tests for you to download in there; an original FB program from me has just been added to my site; and two (2) new demos have just been tacked on to the FreeBASIC GFX Demo Central, totalling at least 95 FB DEMOS IN ALL!!!

Do check them all out at, and be seeing you there for some big excitement!!!
url=][Image: file.php?id=194][/url]
Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !
Absolutely amazing Adigun,

Very impressive set of updates if I o say so myself :-). I for one can't wait to see what AFLib2 will bring to Frantic Journey in terms of new features, game play, mind boggling action an the speed that AFLib most definitaly promises it's users.

That list of AFLib2 test just keeps growing not just in quantity but in quality as well. Some of tests are downright amazing just by themselves, I can just imagine them in a real life gaming context.

Victor did a text demo in FB? LOL His demo is pretty cool. Maybe it would be a bit smoother if he could use PCOPY in SCREEN 0 (lol sorry, you know I just couln't stop myself from saying it hehehe). But yeah I enjoye the text demo alot. :-).

I always love it when I come here to QBasicNews and notice you have a new update available. Just a visually stunning and pleasurable experience to click on the AAP Project Squad webste. Can't wait to see what the next update will bring.

Excellent work, as usual Adigun. Pat yourself on the back for that one :-).
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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