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QB Express #17 is here!
Whoops, forgot to mention the 48h compo!

Did you ever declare a winner? I'll put something about it in next month.
Pete's QB Site:
there was no mention of our compo either Wink so don't feel alone.
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If you guys want news mentioned, you should send me a news brief. Then it's guaranteed to make it.
Pete's QB Site:
or tell meabout it and i'll make the newsbrief if you dont have the time :-)
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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need hosting:
All about ASCII:
Quote:or tell meabout it and i'll make the newsbrief if you dont have the time :-)
I did...which makes me assume you didn't have the time Wink
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Only one person voted, so we don't have a winner yet.

I seem to suck at teh innarweb. Sad
#17 i dunno why blitz started that over at badlogic, but there's some more votes there. so it's a draw
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Submissions for QB Express #18 are due on

Saturday, January 28th!

I'm desperately lacking articles for this issue -- so far, only one tutorial, two letters and a short article have come in. At this rate, #18 is gonna be one TINY issue.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Send in your tutorials, reviews, editorials, letters, rants, game previews and other submissions -- and help make #18 awesome.

You can email your submissions to:

I know it's only been a few weeks since #17, but with YOUR help, we can put out another spectacular issue by the end of January!
Pete's QB Site:
Pete's QB Site:

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